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SERIES DESCRIPTION:Peter Griffin is the father of this not-quite-so-average family unit of middle class New Englanders. Lois is Peter's loving wife who struggles to maintain a modicum of normalcy in their home life. Rounding out the Griffin household are their children: teen queen Meg, 13-year-old slacker Chris, and their youngest child Stewie, a diabolically clever baby who's already set on conquering the world. And then there's Brian, the brainiest of the bunch, who also happens to be the family dog.CAST: THE VOICES OF SETH MACFARLANE, ALEX BORSTEIN, SETH GREEN, MILA KUNISRUNTIME: 30 MINSGENRE: COMEDY / ANIMATED

DEATH HAS A SHADOW (PILOT) - 1ACX01 - 1999 - When big, loveable family man Peter Griffin loses his job, he applies for welfare. But when an accounting error nets him a fortune in weekly payments, Peter decides to spend the money instead of correcting the mistake.

I NEVER MET THE DEAD MAN - 1ACX02 - 1999 - Peter decides to spend more time with his family after he accidentally destroys the city’s television transmitter.

MIND OVER MURDER - 1ACX03 - 1999 -When Peter turns the basement into a bar, Lois becomes a popular torch singer; and Stewie begins teething, and builds a time machine.

CHITTY CHITTY BANG DEATH - 1ACX04 - 1999 - Lois throws Stewie a first birthday party, and is heartbroken when she finds out Peter let Meg attend another party the same day. Language(s): Latin Spanish

A HERO SITS NEXT DOOR - 1ACX05 - 1999 - Peter's jealous when his family dotes on their new, heroic wheelchair-bound neighbor, and he's determined to do something heroic to get their love back. Language(s): Latin Spanish

SON ALSO DRAWS, THE - 1ACX06 - 1999 -Chris wants to quit the Scouts, but is afraid of disappointing Peter; Lois becomes addicted to gambling; and Peter goes on a vision quest.

BRIAN: PORTRAIT OF A DOG - 1ACX07 - 1999 - Brian, tired of being treated like a second-class citizen by Peter, runs away; and he ends up in the pound, fighting for his civil liberties.

PETER, PETER, CAVIAR EATER - 1ACX08 - 1999 - The Griffins rub elbows with the elite when Lois’ dead aunt wills the family her mansion.

RUNNING MATES - 1ACX09 - 2000 - Peter and Lois become political opponents in their bid to become the new school board president.

THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT PAULIE - 1ACX10 - 2000 - Peter’s new mobster friend puts a contract out on Lois’ life.

HOLY CRAP! - 1ACX11 - 1999 - Peter enlists the aid of the Pope in his quest to bond with his devoutly religious father.

IF A'M DYIN', I'M LYIN' - 1ACX12 - 1999 - Peter's "little white lie" about Chris having done his homework snowballs into even bigger lies…until Peter is worshipped as a God. Language(s): Latin Spanish

LOVE THY TROPHY - 1ACX13 - 2000 - A war over a parade trophy erupts between the Griffins and their neighbors; social workers place Stewie in a foster home.

DEATH IS A BITCH - 1ACX14 - 2000 - Peter fakes his death to avoid paying his doctor bill, so Death pays him a visit; while chasing Peter, Death twists his ankle; and as he recuperates at the Griffin house, everyone on earth becomes immortal.

"THE KING" IS DEAD - 1ACX15 - 2000 - Lois becomes the director of the Quahog Players, and decides to put on The King and I; but Peter takes over the production, and turns it into a sleazy story about a kung-fu fighting robot named Anna.


BRIAN IN LOVE - 2ACX01 - 2000 - Brian believes his incontinence is linked to romantic feelings for Lois.

I AM PETER, HEAR ME ROAR - 2ACX02 - 2000 - Peter gets in touch with his feminine side after a female co-worker sues him for sexual harassment.

VERY SPECIAL FAMILY GUY FREAKIN' CHRISTMAS, A - 2ACX03 - 2000 - The Griffins have a Merry Christmas even though Lois and her carefully laid holiday plans fall apart; Stewie is convinced there really is a Santa Claus.

LET'S GO TO THE HOP - 2ACX04 - 2000 - Peter masquerades as a student in his attempt to eradicate a "drug" problem at Meg's school.

WHEN YOU WISH UPON A WEINSTEIN - 2ACX05 - 2000 The day Peter buys volcano insurance is the day Lois becomes fed up with their constant money problems; when Peter wishes for a Jewish 'finance wizard' to help them, Max Weinstein comes to the rescue; and after seeing Max in action, Peter pushes for Chris to convert to Judaism.

DA BOOM - 2ACX06 - 2000 - Peter creates his version of the perfect society after the world is destroyed in a Y2K apocalypse. Language(s): Latin Spanish

A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND BUCKS - 2ACX07 - 2000 - The Griffins travel to New York city when Chris's talent as a painter catches the eye of an art gallery owner.

FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME - 2ACX08 - 2000 - When the Griffins become a big hit on a daytime talk show, television executives offer them their own series.

DAMMIT JANET! - 2ACX09 - 2000 - Stewie falls head over heels for a girl at a day-care center; Peter convinces Lois to become a stewardess so he can travel free of charge. Language(s): Latin Spanish

HE'S TOO SEXY FOR HIS FAT - 2ACX10 - 2000 - As Chris attempts to lose weight, Peter alters his own looks via liposuction and extensive plastic surgery. Language(s): Latin Spanish

MR. GRIFFIN GOES TO WASHINGTON - 2ACX11 - 2000 - When Happy-Go-Lucky Toys is purchased by a tobacco conglomerate, Peter becomes a Washington lobbyist...and his Congressional testimony causes the company to suffer a huge fine.

ROAD TO RHODE ISLAND - 2ACX12 - 2000 - Mourning the loss of his mother, Brian accompanies Stewie on a journey back to Quahog after the pair lose their airplane tickets. Meanwhile, Lois turns to a relationship video in hopes of improving her marriage.

E PETERBUS UNUM - 2ACX13 - 2000 - After learning that his property is not officially part of the United States, Peter forms his own country.

STORY ON PAGE ONE, THE - 2ACX14 - 2000 - Meg attempts to interview town mayor Adam West, but thanks to Peter's meddling, ends up "outing " actor Luke Perry instead..

WASTED TALENT - 2ACX15 - 2000 - Lois discovers that Peter possesses incredible musical skills at the piano…but only when he is drunk.

FORE FATHER - 2ACX16 - 2000 - When Chris constantly fails at every task he is given, and shows no interest in becoming an adult, Peter becomes intent on rectifying his failings as a father; he gets Chris a job at a driving range; but rather than follow through with Chris, he switches his focus to Cleveland Jr., whom he thinks has a shot at going pro.

THIN WHITE LINE, THE - 2ACX17 - 2000 - While working for the police in narcotics, Brian becomes addicted to cocaine.

LETHAL WEAPONS - 2ACX18 - 2000 - Lois takes up the martial art Tae-Jitsu and chases away New York tourists - the Griffin family learns how to love/hate each other better.

ONE IF BY CLAM, TWO IF BY SEA - 2ACX19 - 2000 - After the Drunken Clam is destroyed by fire, Peter and friends are framed as the arsonists; Stewie plays Henry Higgins to his new neighbor Eliza.

BRIAN DOES HOLLYWOOD - 2ACX20 - 2000 - Brian moves to Los Angeles to make it as a writer but instead ends up directing pornographic films.

DEATH LIVES - 2ACX21 - 2000 - After a near death experience on his anniversary, Peter learns the importance of spending time with Lois.

AND THE WEINER IS... - 2ACX22 - 2000 - Chris teaches Peter the true meaning of penis envy; after suffering outrageous humiliations, Meg gets revenge on the popular crowd.


EMISSION IMPOSSIBLE - 3ACX01 - 2001 - When Peter and Lois decide to have another baby, Stewie does whatever he can to prevent conception.

KISS SEEN 'ROUND THE WORLD - 3ACX02 - 2001 - Meg and Neil intern at a TV station; Stewie loses his new tricycle to a bully.

BRIAN WALLOWS AND PETER'S SWALLOWS - 3ACX03 - 2002 - Brian is sentenced to care for a crabby old woman; Peter ’s beard becomes a home for birds.

MR. SATURDAY KNIGHT - 3ACX04 - 2001 - Peter decides to pursue his dream career as a knight.

FISH OUT OF WATER, A - 3ACX05 - 2001 - Peter becomes a commercial fisherman and almost kills a popular myth; Lois teaches Meg how to let loose at Spring Break.

PETER GRIFFIN: HUSBAND, FATHER, BROTHER? - 3ACX06 - 2001 - Peter discovers he has a black ancestor; Stewie tries to learn cheerleaders ' power to entrance. Language(s): Latin Spanish

READY, WILLING & DISABLED - 3ACX07 - 2001 - After Joe fails to make an arrest because of his physical limitations, Peter helps him rebuild his self-esteem by talking him into entering the decathlon at the "Special People's Games." Language(s): Latin Spanish

SCREWED THE POOCH - 3ACX08 - 2001 - Brian gets an urge to have sex, and finally chases down the champion greyhound owned by Peter's rich and snooty father-in-law. Language(s): Latin Spanish

TO LOVE AND DIE IN DIXIE - 3ACX09 - 2001 - The Griffins, forced into the witness protection program, move to a backwoods southern town. Language(s): Latin Spanish

STUCK TOGETHER, TORN APART - 3ACX10 - 2001 - Peter's jealousy forces a trial separation; Stewie and Brian get glued together. Language(s): Latin Spanish

FROM METHOD TO MADNESS - 3ACX11 - 2002 - Stewie attempts a career in show business; Meg dates a nudist.

FAMILY GUY, VIEWER MAIL #1 - 3ACX12 - 2001 - Viewer mail inspires three stories in which Peter loses his bones, the Griffins gain super powers, and Peter and his friends appear as eight-year-old "Little Rascals." Language(s): Latin Spanish

ROAD TO EUROPE - 3ACX13 - 2002 - Stewie goes to England to take refuge in his favorite television show, while Lois embarrasses Peter at a KISS concert.


NORTH BY NORTH QUAHOG - 4ACX01 - 2004 - Peter and Lois go on a second honeymoon, and end up battling Mel Gibson; and Brian and Stewie attempt to help Chris after he's accused of drinking alcohol at a school dance.

FAST TIMES AT BUDDY CIANCI JR. HIGH - 4ACX02 - 2004 - Lois thinks Chris murdered his substitute-teacher's husband; and Brian teaches remedial English to a group of tough kids.

DON'T MAKE ME OVER - 4ACX03 - 2004 - After Meg gets a makeover, the family becomes a new singing sensation - a la The Brady Bunch - which climaxes with an appearance on Saturday Night Live.

BLIND AMBITION - 4ACX04 - 2004 - Quagmire is arrested after he gets caught peeping into women's restroom stalls; and Peter goes blind after he ingests too many coins.

STEWIE B. GOODE - 4ACX05 - 2005 - Stewie vows to change his evil ways after he has a near-death experience; and Peter gets to air his gripes on the local news.

BANGO WAS HIS NAME OH! - 4ACX06 - 2005 - Stewie convinces Brian to go on a road trip with him to San Francisco, to search for a man Stewie believes is his real father.

STU & STEWIE'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE - 4ACX07 - 05 - Stewie finds out that his life in the future is miserable, so he decides to go back in time and change events for the better.

CLEVELAND-LORETTA QUAGMIRE, THE - 4ACX08 - 2004 - After Peter discovers that Quagmire and Loretta are having an affair, he tries to rejuvenate Cleveland's manliness.

PETARDED - 4ACX09 - 2004 - Peter ends up losing the kids to Child Services after he's diagnosed as being mentally challenged.

BRIAN THE BACHELOR - 4ACX10 - 2004 - Brian and Quagmire become finalists on the reality show The Bachelorette; and Chris befriends his talking zit.

8 SIMPLE RULES FOR BUYING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER - 4ACX11 - 2004 - In order to get out of an outstanding debt, Peter drafts a contract that sells Meg to Mort's son Neil.

BREAKING OUT IS HARD TO DO - 4ACX12 - 2004 - Lois breaks out of prison after she's arrested for stealing, forcing the family to take refuge in Quahog's Asiantown.

MODEL MISBEHAVIOR - 4ACX13 -2004 - Peter puts his foot down after Lois begins a modeling career; and Stewie talks Brian into joining a pyramid scheme

PETER'S GOT WOODS - 4ACX14 - 2005 - A jealous Peter befriends actor James Woods after Brian falls for an attractive African-American teacher.

PERFECT CASTAWAY, THE - 4ACX15 - 2005 - Peter and his friends are shipwrecked on an island and given up for dead; when Peter returns home he discovers that Lois and Brian have gotten married.

JUNGLE LOVE - 4ACX16 - 2005 - After being subjected to the tortures of the "freshman hunt" at school, Chris decides to join the Peace Corps… and soon finds himself married to a tribal chieftain's daughter.

PTV - 4ACX17 - 2005 - Peter starts his own television station after the FCC overreacts to an incident on the Emmy Awards, and begins censoring Quahog's television broadcasts.

BRIAN GOES BACK TO COLLEGE (AND STEWIE GOES WITH HIM FOR OBVIOUS COMEDY REASONS) - 4ACX18 - 2005 - Brian goes back to college to get his degree; and Peter and his friends form their own version of The A-Team.

COURTSHIP OF STEWIE'S FATHER, THE - 4ACX19 - 2005 - Peter tries to bond with Stewie by taking him to Disney World; Peter brown-noses his boss; and Herbert gets Chris to repay a debt by having him do chores around the house.

FAT GUY STRANGLER, THE - 4ACX20 - 2005 - Peter creates an organization for overweight people; and Lois discovers she has a homicidal brother who preys on the obese.

BRIAN SINGS AND SWINGS - 4ACX21 - 2005 - After Peter hits Brian with his car, Brian grows depressed… until he appears on stage with Frank Sinatra Jr.; and Meg tells everyone she's a lesbian so she'll fit in with her new friends.

FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY FONZ, THE - 4ACX22 - 2005 - When his devout Catholic father comes to the house for a visit, Peter decides to form his own religion… and begins worshiping The Fonz from Happy Days.

I TAKE THEE, QUAGMIRE - 4ACX23 - 2005 - When Peter goes on a Wheel of Fortune and wins a maid for a week, Quagmire becomes smitten with her and ends up popping the question.

SIBLING RIVALRY - 4ACX24 - 2005 - A pregnancy scare forces Peter to undergo a vasectomy, but not before wreaking havoc at a sperm bank.

PATRIOT GAMES - 4ACX25 - 2005 - While attending his high-school reunion Peter befriends Tom Brady, who makes him a member of the New England Patriots; but later Peter is traded to a team called the London Silly Nannies.

DEEP THROATS - 4ACX26 - 2005 - Brian and Stewie go undercover in order to expose the mayor as corrupt after Meg gets a job as intern in his office; and Peter and Lois revert to their old habits from the 60's after entering a local talent show.

PETEROTICA - 4ACX27 - 2005 - Peter becomes a best-selling erotic novelist; Carter's life is ruined when he is sued for publishing Peter's books on tape; and Stewie trains for the Olympics.

YOU MAY NOW KISS THE... UH... GUY WHO RECEIVES - 4ACX28 - 2005 - Brian's gay cousin Jasper comes to visit, and announces he's marrying his partner at the Griffin's house; Mayor Adam West bans gay marriage, which forces Brian to take drastic action; and Chris joins the Young Republicans to impress a girl.

PETERGEIST - 4ACX29 - 2005 - When Joe builds a home theatre, Peter decides to build a multiplex in his backyard; while digging Peter disturbs the remains of a sacred Indian burial ground, which causes a poltergeist to invade the house and suck Stewie into the TV.

GRIFFIN FAMILY HISTORY, THE - 4ACX30 - 2005 - When burglars break into the Griffin house, Peter takes the family into the "panic room," where they become trapped without food or water; with death eminent, Peter tells his family the epic story of the Griffin family history.

UNTITLED - 4ACX31 - 2006 - Peter feels abandoned when his mother gets a divorce… until he sees a father figure in her new boyfriend, Tom Tucker; and Brian gets his own highbrow radio show until Stewie exposes him to the thrill of being a shock jock.

STEWIE LOVES LOIS - 4ACX32 - 2006 - After his first prostate exam Peter's convinced he's been sexually violated, and sues the doctor; Lois saves Stewie's stuffed bear, and in return receives Stewie's undying love and devotion: a fate worse than death.

HELL COMES TO QUAHOG - 4ACX33 - 2006 - After Peter uses Meg's money to buy himself a tank, she gets a job at the new Super Store USA; but when the corporate giant sucks up all the city's electricity, Brian and Stewie must team up to save the town from sweltering.

SAVING PRIVATE BRIAN - 4ACX34 - 2006 - When Army recruiters show up at Chris' high school, Brian drags Stewie to recruiting headquarters to complain; Stewie signs himself and Brian up, and they get shipped to Iraq where; they do everything they can to get discharged; and Marilyn Manson inspires Chris to join a goth band.

WHISTLE WHILE YOUR WIFE WORKS - 4ACX35 - 2006 - When Peter blows off his fingers in a fireworks accident, he corrals Lois into helping him out at work, which arouses his animal instincts; and Brian succumbs to dating a beautiful but dimwitted girl, much to Stewie's delight.

(INTERNATIONAL ONLY) PRICK UP YOUR EARS - 5ACX01 -2006 - Lois volunteers to teach a sex-ed class at the high school, but is fired for discussing condoms; a conservative minister takes over the class and preaches abstinence, which sends the kids looking for loophole; and Stewie plots to trap and kill the Tooth Fairy. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese CHICK CANCER - 5ACX02 - 2006 - Stewie marries his old flame Olivia, but her juice "drinking problem" and his bad attitude quickly put their marriage on the rocks; and after Peter watches his first "chick flick," he's so enamored that he makes a woman's movie of his own… a really bad one. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese BARELY LEGAL - 5ACX03 - 2006 - Due to a sudden shortage of police officers in Quahog, Joe is forced to recruit Peter and his buddies into the Police Academy; and Brian feels sorry for Meg when she can't get a prom date so he agrees to take her, resulting in a "fatal attraction" type crush of the most inappropriate kind. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese ROAD TO RUPERT - 5ACX04 -2007 - At the Griffins' yard sale, Brain mistakenly sells Rupert, sending he and Stewie on a cross-country journey to rescue him; then, after a nasty car crash, Peter loses his license and is forced to let Meg be his personal driver; and a surprising father/daughter bond is born. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese PETER'S TWO DADS - 5ACX05 - 2007 - After Peter accidentally kills his father, he learns that his real father lives in Ireland; Peter and Brian fly to the Emerald Isle to discover that his dad is the town drunk; Stewie will do anything to get spanked after discovering it's the most exciting thing he's ever experienced. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese TAN AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU, THE - 5ACX06 - 2007 - Peter discovers the thrill of being the neighborhood bully but it may cost him the love of his family and friends; Stewie gets addicted to tanning but his life as a bronze Adonis may be cut short by a life-threatening sunburn. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese BILL AND PETER'S BOGUS JOURNEY - 5ACX07 - 2007 - Lois insists that Brian learn to use the toilet so he enlists Stewie as his toilet trainer; Peter feels he's gotten to old to enjoy life until former President Clinton shows him you're only as old as you're willing to act. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese AIRPORT '07 - 5ACX08 - 2007 - After seeing "The Redneck Comedy Tour" Peter becomes enamored with the redneck lifestyle; Quagmire makes life unbearable for the Griffins when he moves in with them after Peter causes him to lose his job. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese NO MEALS ON WHEELS - 5ACX09 - 2007 - When Peter comes into some money he decides to fulfill his life's dream, and open a restaurant; but when the restaurant becomes the new hangout for Joe and all his handicapped friends, Peter attempts to change the clientele… which proves harder than he predicted. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese BOYS DO CRY - 5ACX10 - 2007 - The family is forced to flee to Texas when their congregation believes Stewie is possessed by the devil; Stewie enters the "Little Miss Texas" pageant; and Chris and Meg sneak into President Bush's house to steal his underwear. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese NO CHRIS LEFT BEHIND- 5ACX11 - 2007 - When Chris is expelled from school, he's sent to the fancy boarding school that Lois' grandfather attended… but he doesn't quite fit in; and the Giant Chicken returns for Peter, and they wreak havoc in the longest animated battle in the history of television. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese IT TAKES A VILLAGE IDIOT (AND I MARRIED ONE) - 5ACX12 - 2007 - When the local oil refinery dumps toxic waste into Lake Quahog, Lois is compelled to run for mayor; she finds that absolute power corrupts absolutely; and Peter enjoys the perks of being the "First Lady" of Quahog. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese MEET THE QUAGMIRE'S - 5ACX13 - 2007 - Death grants Peter's wish to travel back in time to before he was married, where he breaks a date with Lois to party with Molly Ringwald; but when he returns to the present he discovers to his horror that Molly Ringwald is his wife, and Lois is married to Quagmire. Language(s) Available: Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese MOVIN' OUT (BRIAN'S SONG) - 5ACX14 - 2007 - Peter convinces Brian to get serious with his girlfriend, so Brian and Jillian get their own place; and when Stewie has to move in to help pay the rent, the relationship is strained to the breaking point. BELIEVE IT OR NOT JOE'S WALKING ON AIR - 5ACX15 - 2007 - Joe's thrilled after leg-transplant surgery, but drives the guys to exhaustion doing all the things he couldn't do before; and when the guys can't keep up he drops them for new, more athletic friends. BLUE HARVEST - PART 1 - 5ACX16 - 2007 - When the power goes out Peter decides to entertain the family with his version of the Star Wars saga starring Chris as a whining Luke Skywalker and Peter as an extra large but heroic Han Solo. STEWIE KILLS LOIS (PART 1) - 5ACX17 - 2007 - Lois and Peter go on a cruise without the family; upset with Lois, Stewie vows his revenge; and when Brian challenges him to follow through, Stewie intercepts the ship. LOIS KILLS STEWIE (PART 2) - 5ACX18 - 2007 - Lois returns miraculously from the dead, charging Stewie with attempted murder; Stewie flees the family, forcing Brian to drive him to CIA headquarters; and there he carries out his plan for world domination. MCSTROKE - 5ACX19 - 2007 - Peter grows a mustache and gets free burgers for life for saving the owner of McBurgertown; after eating thirty he has a stroke and sues the company; Stewie becomes the coolest kid in high school. PADRE DE FAMILIA - 5ACX20 - 2007 - Feeling patriotic after a Veteran's Day parade, Peter campaigns against illegal immigrants; but he quickly changes his tune when he discovers he was born in Mexico, and is an illegal immigrant himself. PETER'S DAUGHTER - 5ACX21 - 2007 - When a flood hits town, Meg ends up in a coma, and when she awakens she falls for her cute intern; when she becomes pregnant Peter insists the couple marry; and Brian and Stewie buy a fixer-upper house. BLUE HARVEST - PART 2 - 5ACX22 - 2007 - When the power goes out Peter decides to entertain the family with his version of the Star Wars saga starring Chris as a whining Luke Skywalker and Peter as an extra large but heroic Han Solo.

SEASON 6 (INTERNATIONAL ONLY)PLAY IT AGAIN BRIAN - 6ACX01 - 2007 - Brian wins a trip to Martha's Vineyard, and invites Peter and Lois along; when Peter spends the entire time getting drunk, Brian confesses his love for Lois; and he almost ruins their relationship.BACK TO THE WOODS - 6ACX02 - 2007 - After being locked in a crate by Peter, James Woods returns to seek revenge by stealing Peter's identity and taking over as head of the Griffin household; Peter then sets out to ruin James' career.LOVE BLACTUALLY - 6ACX03 - 2008 - When Stewie convinces Brian to go slow with his new girlfriend Carolyn, Cleveland moves in and steals her away; to get her back, Brian does his best to get Cleveland back together with his ex-wife. FORMER LIFE OF BRIAN - 6ACX04 - 2007 - Brian seeks out an old girlfriend, Tracy… and learns he has a son; when Tracy drops the wild teenager off at the Griffin's house, Brian's attitude toward parenting drives Peter and his friends crazy.I DREAM OF JESUS - 6ACX05 - 2008 - Peter rediscovers his love for the painfully annoying song, "Surfin' Bird" which drives people around him crazy; and when Peter finds Jesus in a record store, he's determined to be his new best friend.LONG JOHN PETER - 6ACX06 - 2007 - It's a pirate life for Peter when he gets a parrot, but after terrorizing the neighbors he accidentally kills his beloved pet; and when Chris goes with Brian to the vet, he falls for a lovely intern.BABY NOT ON BOARD - 6ACX07 - 2008 - When Peter gets a free gas card, the family decides to hit the road on vacation, but they accidentally leave Stewie behind; home alone, Stewie soon runs out of food and diapers, and is forced to take a job. ROAD TO GERMANY - 6ACX08 - 2008 - When Mort accidentally steps into a time machine, Stewie and Brian decide to follow him; but when they learn they are in Poland on the day of the Nazi invasion, they have to find their way back home.MAN WITH TWO BRIANS, THE - 6ACX09 - 2008 - When Brian hurts his back saving Peter, Peter thinks Brian's getting too old, and brings another dog - named New Brian - into the family; and when everyone falls in love with the new pet, Brian leaves home. TALES OF A THIRD GRADE NOTHING - 6ACX10 - 2008 - Peter's boss sends him back to third grade to qualify for a promotion at work; and Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. struggle opening a nightclub until Stewie turns it into the coolest nightclub in Quahog. OCEAN'S 3 1/2 - 6ACX11 - 2009 - After seven years of pregnancy, Bonnie gives birth to baby Susie, and Stewie immediately falls in love; but when Joe can't pay the massive hospital bill, Peter and the boys plan to rob Mr. Pewterschmidt. FAMILY GAY - 6ACX12 - 2009 - To pay off a massive debt, Peter participates in a medical experiment, allowing himself to be injected with the "gay" gene; and this change in lifestyle leads him to find a new mate, leaving a broken-hearted Lois behind. JUICE IS LOOSE, THE - 6ACX13 - 2009 - Peter cashes in a raffle ticket, and wins a golf outing with O.J. Simpson; but when he brings home the infamous former running back, the residents of Quahog are not so welcoming to the new houseguest. FOX-Y LADY - 6ACX14 - 2009 - Lois lands a job as a Fox TV news reporter; her first assignment is an expose on a well-known liberal filmmaker, but when her story implicates a famous conservative radio host, she may get fired.THREE KINGS - 6ACX15 - 2009 - When Peter discovers the writing of Stephen King, he imagines his family plus Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire in three of King’s most famous stories: Stand By Me, Misery, and The Shawshank Redemption.EPISODE 420 - 6ACX16 - 2009 - After Brian is thrown in jail for drug possession, he decides to launch a campaign to have marijuana legalized; when Mayor West finally passes the law, the entire town of Quahog literally goes to pot.NOT ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN - 6ACX17 - 2009 - After a frustrating day at the annual Quahog Star Trek convention, Stewie builds a transporter and beams the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation into his room for a fun-filled day in Quahog. STEW-ROIDS - 6ACX18 - 2009 - When a baby girl beats Stewie in a fight, Peter takes him to a gym and injects him with steroids to pump him up; and the school’s most popular girl decides to turn Chris into one of the cool kids.WE LOVE YOU CONRAD - 6ACX19 - 2009 - Brian turns to the bottle when he discovers that his beloved Jillian is getting married; after a night of drinking he wakes up in bed next to Lauren Conrad of The Hills, who just might be his soulmate.PETER'S PROGRESS - 6ACX20 - 2009 - Peter learns from a psychic that in a previous life he was the founder of Quahog; as our story unfolds, King Stewart exiles Griffin Peterson to America, where he establishes the new colony of Quahog.SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING DARK SIDE PT 1 - 6ACX21 - 2010 - During a power outage, Peter entertains the family with his homage to the Star Wars saga and a retelling of The Empire Strikes Back; everybody plays a part in the big season finale of FAMILY GUY. SOMETHING, SOMETHING, SOMETHING DARK SIDE PT 2 - 6ACX22 - 2010 - During a power outage, Peter entertains the family with his homage to the Star Wars saga and a retelling of The Empire Strikes Back; everybody plays a part in the big season finale of FAMILY GUY.  CLIP EPISODE (100TH EPISODE) - 6ACX45 - 2008 - Creator Seth MacFarlane hosts a look at some of the funniest moments and musical numbers from the first 100 episodes of the show; and real people give their thoughts on the show, and they’re not good.


FAMILY GOY - 7ACX01 - 2009 - A medical test reveals that a lump on Lois’ breast is benign, but also reveals that she’s Jewish; and Peter embraces the family’s new religion until he’s visited by the ghost of his father, and changes his tune.

BRIAN'S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG - 7ACX02 - 2009 - When Brian falls in love with a much older woman, he becomes the laughingstock of the family, and things go from bad to worst when she breaks a hip and he is forced to become her live-in errand boy.

SPIES REMINISCENT OF US - 7ACX03 - 2009 - Stewie and Brian are suspicious when Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase move into Cleveland’s old house; learning they are spies with dossiers on everyone in Quahog, they follow them on a mission to Russia.

QUAGMIRE'S BABY - 7ACX04 - 2009 - When Quagmire finds a baby on his doorstep, and learns it’s his, he has to face the challenge of fatherhood; and Stewie makes a sweet, simpleminded clone of himself, so Brian decides he wants one too.

HANNAH BANANA - 7ACX05 - 2009 - Brian helps Stewie get tickets to his favorite teen pop star’s concert, only to learn she has a dark secret; and Chris tries to prove to his family that an evil monkey really does live in his closet.

SLIDERS - 7ACX06 - 2009 - With the help of an out-of-this-world remote control, Stewie and Brian travel through alternate universes; including a post-apocalyptic world, and a parallel world run by dogs where humans are pets.

DOG GONE - 7ACX07 - 2009 - When Brian accidentally kills a neighborhood dog, he is shocked that no one cares, so he tries to convince everyone that every dog’s life has value; and Lois hires a maid who refuses to listen to Peter.

JEROME IS THE NEW BLACK - 7ACX08 - 2009 - While looking for a new black friend to fill the void left by Cleveland, Peter and the guys meet Jerome, but things take a turn for the worse when Peter learns that Jerome and Lois were once more than friends.

BIG MAN ON HIPPOCAMPUS - 7ACX09 - 2010 - While appearing on Family Feud, Peter gets amnesia and forgets everything, including his family; when he discovers the joy of sex, he decides to live a wild bachelor life, and Lois and the kids move out.

BUSINESS GUY - 7ACX11 - 2009 - After a bachelor party, Peter’s father-in-law slips into a coma, and Lois is given control of Pewterschmidt Industries; when Peter convinces her to let him run the company, the results are disastrous.

DIAL MEG FOR MURDER - 7ACX12 - 2010 - Peter gets more than he bargained for when he tries out for the rodeo; and when Meg’s prison pen-pal breaks out, she gets sent to jail for aiding him, and the experience turns her into a hardcore criminal.

BRIAN GRIFFIN'S HOUSE OF PAYNE - 7ACX13 - 2010 - When Brian pitches his pilot script to network executives they love it… but insist on a few “minor” changes; and Chris and Meg seriously injure Stewie, but attempt to cover it up with Peter’s help.

EXTRA LARGE MEDIUM - 7ACX14 - 2010 - Stewie and Chris get lost in the woods, so Lois consults a psychic; when her predictions come true, Lois becomes obsessed; Peter believes he’s also a super psychic; and Chris falls for a girl at school.

GO, STEWIE, GO - 7ACX15 - 2010 - When Stewie tries to audition for his favorite show, “Jolly Farm,” he finds they are only auditioning little girls… so he creates an alter ego, dressing up a la Tootsie; and Meg dates a normal guy.

PETER-ASSMENT - 7ACX16 - 2010 - When Peter films Richard Dreyfuss at Stewie’s pre-school musical, he thinks he’s a famous paparazzi, but later a new look attracts the attention of his boss Angela, who begins to sexually harass him.

SPLENDID SOURCE, THE - 7ACX17 - 2010 - Peter, Quagmire, and Joe search for the source of all the world’s dirty jokes; their journey leads them to Virginia, where they are reunited with their old buddy Cleveland, and meet his new family.

APRIL IN QUAHOG - 7ACX18 - 2010 - When the local news announces that Earth will be destroyed by a black hole in 24 hours, everyone in Quahog runs amuck trying to live out their last day… including Peter, who has some odd last wishes.

QUAGMIRE'S DAD - 7ACX19 - 2010 - Quagmire gets the surprise of his life when his father starts to go through the change of his life; and Brian has no idea that Quagmire’s dad will ultimately affect him... in the worst way possible.

BRIAN AND STEWIE (150TH EP MILESTONE EVENT) - 7ACX20 - 2010 - In a special, one-hour, 150th-episode event set in real time, Brian and Stewie get locked in a bank vault, where they are forced to deal with each other on a whole new level until the time-lock opens.

IT'S A TRAP! PART 1 - 7ACX21 - 2011 - Return to the Griffins’ version of that galaxy far, far away as their freakin’ sweet saga continues with the final installment of the hilarious three-part Star Wars satire. Following 2005’s Family Guy: Blue Harvest and last year’s Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side, the Griffins reprise their intergalactic roles in an outrageous retelling of Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi with IT’S A TRAP.  

IT'S A TRAP! PART 2 - 7ACX22 - 2011 - Return to the Griffins’ version of that galaxy far, far away as their freakin’ sweet saga continues with the final installment of the hilarious three-part Star Wars satire. Following 2005’s Family Guy: Blue Harvest and last year’s Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side, the Griffins reprise their intergalactic roles in an outrageous retelling of Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi with IT’S A TRAP. 


AND THEN THERE WERE FEWER PT 1 - 8ACX01 - 2010 - When the Griffins and other residents of Quahog are invited to visit the mansion of James Woods, the evening turns into a real murder mystery when guests end up dead, and everyone scrambles to figure out who done it.  

AND THEN THERE WERE FEWER PT 2 - 8ACX02 - 2010 - The finger of blame for the murders continues to point at different people, as even more of the group turn up dead.  
EXCELLENCE IN BROADCASTING - 8ACX03 - 2010 - When Brian learns that Rush Limbaugh (guest-voicing as himself) is going to be at the Quahog Mall for a book-signing, he decides to go down there and give him a piece of his left-wing mind; but when Rush unexpectedly comes to Brian's rescue, Brian has a political change of heart.  

WELCOME BACK CARTER - 8ACX04 - 2010 - After Peter catches Lois' dad Carter having an affair, he is strong-armed into keeping a secret; when Peter accidentally spills the beans, Lois' mom demands a divorce, and Peter is in charge of Carter's return to bachelorhood.  

BABY YOU KNOCK ME OUT - 8ACX05 - 2010 - When Peter receives tickets to a boxing match as a birthday gift, he volunteers Lois to compete; to everyone’s surprise, Lois dominates in the ring, and Peter decides to become her fight promoter; her frustration with Peter turns into motivation in the ring as the housewife turns champion.  
HALLOWEEN ON SPOONER STREET - 8ACX06 - 2010 - Peter and Joe team up to execute a series of painful and humiliating Halloween pranks on unsuspecting family, friends, and neighbors; and while Brian shows Stewie the ropes of trick-or-treating, Meg sets out to attend her first high-school Halloween party with high hopes for the evening.  

BRIAN WRITES A BESTSELLER - 8ACX07 - 2010 - Feeling discouraged with the progress of his writing career, Brian decides to throw in the towel… until Stewie becomes his manager, and one of his books hits the bestseller list; when the fame goes to his head, Brian gets a wake-up call from Bill Maher.  

ROAD TO THE NORTH POLE PT 1 - 8ACX08 - 2010 - Stewie's favorite thing after his teddy bear Rupert, is Christmas; when he hears that Santa is making an appearance at the mall, he begs Brian to take him so that he can tell Santa in person what he wants for Christmas; Brian begrudgingly takes Stewie to the mall, only to get the brushoff from Santa; as a result, Stewie and Brian travel to the North Pole to find Santa and teach him a lesson.  

ROAD TO THE NORTH POLE PT 2 - 8ACX09 - 2010 - Brian and Stewie reach the North Pole, where they discover the terrible toll Christmas has taken on Santa, who is not well at all; they resolve to deliver the presents for him this year... with disastrous results.  

NEW KIDNEY IN TOWN - 8ACX10 - 2011 - After years of drinking with the guys, Peter's love of the sauce has finally caught up with him and he needs a kidney transplant. Brian offers him one of his, but will a canine kidney be compatible? Meanwhile, Meg and Chris collaborate on a poem to celebrate a very important visitor.  

HAND THAT ROCKS THE WHEELCHAIR, THE - 8ACX11 - 2011 - When Bonnie goes out of town, Meg offers to check in on Joe, but she soon becomes a little too involved and starts freaking everyone out – especially Joe. Meanwhile, Stewie thinks he's losing his edge as the toughest baby on the block, so he hooks himself up to a machine that is supposed to make him more evil than ever before.  

AND I'M JOYCE KINNEY - 8ACX12 - 2011 - Lois becomes friends with Joyce Kinney, the new local news anchor, and Joyce convinces Lois to let her do a story on her as the model American housewife. The television story makes Lois look terrible, and Joyce is unapologetic, leaving Lois no choice but to right a wrong.  

FRIENDS OF PETER G - 8ACX13 - 2011 - After a public disturbance, Peter and Brian are forced to attend a 12-step meeting to help kick their drinking problems. Unable to recognize his issue, Peter gets a visit from Death, who gives him a glimpse of what life would be like with and without "Mr. Booze" in his bloodstream.  

GERMAN GUY - 8ACX14 - 2011 - On the search to find a new hobby, Chris meets a puppeteer named Franz, an old friend of Herbert's. Despite Herbert's warnings, Chris and Franz remain friends until Franz's checkered past is suddenly revealed.  

BROTHERS AND SISTERS - 8ACX15 - 2011 - When Mayor West marries Lois' sister, Carol they move into the Griffins’ house to be one big "happy" family. To make room for everyone, Stewie is bumped out of his room and takes over Chris' room, but not everyone is annoyed by the change. Peter and Mayor West bond and become best friends.
TIEGS FOR TWO - 8ACX16 - 2011 - When the local dry cleaner loses Peter's favorite white shirt, he goes ballistic. Meanwhile, Brian tries to score on a date with a new friend, Denise (Jessica Stroup), but ends up striking out. Instead of calling it quits on love, he enlists Quagmire's help, but things get nasty when they start to compete for the affections of each other's old flames, Cheryl Tiegs (herself) and Jillian (Drew Barrymore).  

TRADING PLACES - 8ACX17 - 2011 - Chris and Meg think their parents have it easy, and Peter and Lois beg to differ, so in order to teach them a lesson, they all trade roles. Chris goes to work at the brewery while Meg runs the house. While things start off well, it's not long until the stress of running a household and being the sole breadwinner break down Chris and Meg.  

BIG BANG THEORY, THE - 8ACX18 - 2011 - Stewie and Brian go back in time to stop Bertram (guest voice Wallace Shawn) from killing Stewie’s ancestor, Leonardo da Vinci.  

FOREIGN AFFAIRS - 8ACX19 - 2011 - Bonnie and Lois take a little trip to Paris, but Bonnie crosses the line in the City of Love. Meanwhile, Peter homeschools Chris and Meg using some unorthodox teaching methods.  

SEAHORSE SEASHELL PARTY - 8ACX20 - 2011 - When storm hits in Quahog, to help pass the time and calm his nerves, Brian consumes some questionable substances, and has trouble sobering up. Meanwhile, Meg goes off the deep end after the family takes one too many jabs at her. 

SCREAMS OF SILENCE: THE STORY OF BRENDA Q - 8ACX21 - 2011 - Quagmire lands in the hospital; his sister Brenda and her boyfriend Jeff rush to Quahog to nurse him back to health. As Glenn recovers, he quickly realizes that Brenda is the one who needs help.

AMISH GUY - 8ACX22 - 2011 - On the return from an adventurous day at an amusement park, the Griffins' car breaks down in Amish country, and they are stranded with no way out. When Meg falls for an Amish boy, the Griffins then find themselves in a crusade against the conservative locals.


LOTTERY FEVER - 9ACX01 - 2011 - Peter blows his savings on lottery tickets, and the family writes it off as one of his usual shenanigans until they end up millionaires. In true Griffin fashion they can't handle the good fortune, and struggle to stay grounded.

STEWIE GOES FOR A DRIVE - 9ACX02 - 2011 - Ryan Reynolds pays a visit to Quahog, and becomes obsessed with Peter Griffin. Meanwhile Stewie tries to be a big boy, and steals the family car for a joy ride, but lands in a bit of trouble. 

QUAGMIRE AND MEG - 9ACX03 - 2012 - When Meg finally turns 18, Quagmire seizes the opportunity to pursue his next romantic conquest. As the new couple’s relationship blossoms, Peter stops at nothing to come in between his innocent – well, somewhat innocent – daughter and his creepy friend.

THANKSGIVING - 9ACX04 - 2011 - Lois cooks a big Thanksgiving meal, and invites the whole crew over for dinner; Joe is shocked when his formerly MIA son, Kevin Swanson, returns from Iraq.

COOL HAND PETER - 9ACX05 - 2011 - Peter and the guys take a stand against their wives, and flee to the Deep South on a road trip. On the way there the men earn a one-way ticket to jail. When they decide to make a run for it, Joe's quick planning and Peter's seductive ways help them escape. Meanwhile Lois spends some quality time with the girls, and they engage in childish antics.

BLIND SIDE, THE - 9ACX06 - 2012 - Brian starts dating a blind girl and things get a little dicey when she divulges that she hates dogs. Meanwhile, the Griffin family installs a new staircase in their home when Peter keeps falling on the old one and decides to live upstairs full-time.

GRUMPY OLD MAN - 9ACX07 - 2011 - It’s winter in Quahog, and Lois' parents (Carter and Babs) take Stewie for a trip. When Carter falls asleep at the wheel, the family decides it might be time for him to retire. Peter and Lois take the clan to Florida to check out some fine retirement communities, but Carter refuses to go down without a fight.

ROAD TO THE PILOT - 9ACX08 - 2011 - Brian and Stewie travel back in time to the pilot episode of FAMILY GUY to change history… and then to change history again.

LIVIN ON A PRAYER - 9ACX09 - 2012 - When Stewie’s new best friend falls ill, Lois takes him to the hospital where she finds out he has a critical, but treatable, disease. However, the boy’s parents refuse treatment due to their religious beliefs, leaving Lois no choice but to take drastic measures to seek treatment for the boy herself. Meanwhile, Peter has a religious experience of his own.

TOM TUCKER: THE MAN AND HIS DREAM - 9ACX10 - 2012 - When Peter decides to become a famous actor, he becomes Tom Tucker's agent as his first step toward stardom. Meanwhile, Chris dates a girl who looks disturbingly like a member of the Griffin household.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU FISH FOR - 9ACX11 - 2012 - When Peter and the guys try to salvage a sunken Mercedes-Benz, Peter half-heartedly promises a favor to a helpful dolphin. Soon the dolphin moves to Quahog, outstays his welcome at Peter's and moves into Cleveland's house across the street. Peter tries to reunite the dolphin with his ex-wife in hopes that he’ll return to the ocean, but his plan backfires and the whole dolphin family moves into Cleveland's.

KILLER QUEEN - 9ACX12 - 2012 - When Peter and Chris go away to fat camp, they cross paths with a serial killer who targets overweight kids. Meanwhile, Stewie is traumatized by the frightening cover of a Queen album.

BURNING DOWN THE BAYIT - 9ACX13 - 2012 - Overwhelmed with financial troubles, Mort asks Peter and Quagmire to help him save his pharmacy. However, things take a turn for the worse when the trio decides to burn it down to collect insurance money.

FORGET-ME-NOT - 9ACX14 - 2012 - When a seemingly innocent guy’s night out takes a sudden turn, Peter, Joe, Brian and Quagmire wake up in a hospital and discover that their memories have been erased and Quahog has been deserted.

YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON TELEVISION, PETER - 9ACX15 - 2012 - After Peter’s favorite children’s television show gets cancelled, he takes matters into his own hands by creating and starring in his own show for kids. Meanwhile, Meg begins an internship at the hospital with Dr. Hartman.

LEGGO MY MEG-O - 9ACX16 - 2012 - When Meg travels abroad to Europe, her exciting adventure comes to a halt when she gets kidnapped. Brian and Stewie embark on an action-packed mission to find her before it's too late.

MR. AND MRS. STEWIE - 9ACX17 - 2012 - Stewie becomes smitten when he meets a girl who happens to be the female version of himself. Meanwhile, Peter and Quagmire take their friendship to a new level.

TEA PETER - 9ACX18 - 2012 - After Quahog City Hall threatens to shut down Peter’s illegally-run business, Peter joins the Tea Party and successfully campaigns to shut down the government. As a result of all the chaos in Quahog, Peter’s father-in-law, Carter, reaps the benefits.

FAMILY GUY VIEWER MAIL #2 - 9ACX19 - 2012 - Continuing a popular show tradition, Brian and Stewie respond to viewer mail. We meet a British version of the Griffins, Quahog is taken over by a famous comedian and we get to see the world from Stewie's POV.

INTERNAL AFFAIRS - 9ACX20 - 2012 - Peter encourages Joe to have a one-night stand with his attractive new partner in order to even the score with Bonnie for her own indiscretions. But when Bonnie finds out and threatens divorce, Lois insists that Peter get them back together. Meanwhile, Peter has another run-in with the angry chicken which makes for yet another epic fight.

INTO FAT AIR - 9ACX21 - 2012 - In the season premiere, the Griffins decide to climb Mount Everest after their competitive family friends announce their ambitious plans to hike the legendary mountain. However, things go awry when the Griffins get stuck on the mountainside in the middle of a massive storm.

OLD MAN AND THE BIG C, THE - 9ACX22 - 2012 - When Brian discovers that Carter Pewterschmidt's pharmaceutical company is withholding the cure for cancer from the public in order to gain more profit, he and Stewie plot to expose the big secret that could change the world. Meanwhile, Quagmire reveals a hair-raising secret of his own.


RATINGS GUY - AACX01 - 2012 - On a Halloween-themed night, the Griffins are selected to be a Nielsen family and have their television viewing habits monitored. However, Peter takes his enthusiasm too far when he steals multiple Nielsen boxes and tries to control the airwaves

FRIENDS WITHOUT BENEFITS - AACX02 - 2012 - When Meg finally gathers the courage to ask out her crush, Kent, she is devastated to learn he’s gay. But when Meg discovers that Kent has feelings for Chris, she uses her brother in the worst way to get closer to Kent.

JOE'S REVENGE - AACX03 - 2012 - The criminal who, years ago, shot Joe and left him in a wheelchair, becomes a fugitive. So, Quagmire, Joe and Peter team up to hunt the bad guy down.

YUG YLIMAF - AACX04 - 2012 - When Brian uses Stewie's time machine to impress women whom he meets at bars, he accidentally causes time to run in reverse. So he and Stewie must figure out how to restore the forward progress of time before Stewie is unborn.

LOIS COMES OUT OF HER SHELL - AACX05 - 2012 - Lois experiences a mid-life crisis, and Peter tries to keep up with her new, wild lifestyle. Meanwhile, Stewie finds a turtle at the park and brings him home as his new pet, unaware that the turtle is evil and determined to destroy Stewie's life.

SPACE CADET - AACX06 - 2013 - To boost Chris’ self-esteem, Peter and Lois send him to space camp. When camp ends and the Griffins come to pick Chris up, they accidentally are launched into outer space, and it’s up to Chris to land the clan safely back on earth.

JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH! - AACX07 - 2013 - Peter tells his own version of the Nativity story.

BRIAN'S PLAY - AACX08 - 2013 - Brian writes a play that’s a hit in Quahog, but his confidence is shaken when he reads a play Stewie wrote that’s much better than his. Soon, Stewie’s work is Broadway-bound, causing a rift between the two.

GIGGITY WIFE, THE - AACX09 - 2013 - When Peter, Quagmire and Joe visit the Harvard University campus, Quagmire accidentally marries a prostitute. In order to get out of his marriage, Quagmire pretends to be lovers with Peter.

CHRIS CROSS - AACX10 - 2013 - To buy new sneakers, Chris steals money from Lois' purse. When Meg catches him in the act, she forces him to do all of her chores in exchange for keeping mum. But Chris finally tires of the pact, and runs away to live with Herbert. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian become obsessed with singer Anne Murray, and visit her to find out the true meaning of "Snowbird."

VALENTINE'S DAY IN QUAHOG - AACX11 - 2013 - Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day. Meg dates a guy from the internet, Stewie uses his time machine and falls for a girl in the ‘60s and Peter and Lois decide to stay in bed all day. Meanwhile, Brian’s ex-girlfriends pay him a visit and Quagmire gets in touch with his feminine side.

CALL GIRL - AACX12 - 2013 - When the Griffins find themselves in a financial bind, Lois is forced to find a job of her own. She gets discovered by a "voiceover" talent agent named Randy, who actually runs an adult-only phone line and pays his employees generously. As Lois settles into her new gig, she hears Peter's voice on the other end of the line.

TURBAN COWBOY - AACX13 - 2013 - When Peter, Quagmire and Joe need a jolt in their mundane lives, they decide to go skydiving. But after an unfortunate accident, Peter ends up in the hospital, where he befriends Mahmoud, who convinces Peter to convert to Islam. Quagmire and Joe are suspicious of Mahmoud’s intentions and try to stop the friendship from progressing.

12 AND A HALF ANGRY MEN - AACX14 - 2013 - A bloody murder occurs at Mayor West’s mansion, and he is the prime suspect. The mayor is put on trial, and it is up to the citizens of Quahog to determine if he is guilty or not.

BIGFAT - AACX15 - 2013 - When Peter, Quagmire and Joe fly on a private plane to Canada, they crash in the middle of the wilderness, far from civilization. Peter is chosen to find help, but ends up going missing for two months, only to be found as a feral creature with no ability to communicate intelligently. The Griffins must find a way to bring back Peter to his old self.

TOTAL RECALL - AACX16 - 2013 - After teddy bear Rupert gets recalled, Stewie stops at nothing to get back his beloved best friend. Meanwhile, Peter falls ill and can’t compete in his bowling tournament, so Lois fills in for him. But when she gets a little too close to Peter’s teammates, he gets jealous.

3 ACTS OF GOD - AACX17 - 2014 - Peter grows frustrated when players on opposing teams continue to thank God after defeating his beloved New England Patriots football team, so he and the guys embark on a global quest to find God and ask Him to stop interfering with the outcome of professional football games.

SAVE THE CLAM - AACX18 - 2013 - When the owner of the Clam is killed, the bar closes and Peter, Quagmire and Joe must find a way to save their beloved watering hole. Meanwhile, Meg gets an after-school job at a funeral home.

FARMER GUY - AACX19 - 2013 - When the Griffins move to a farm, Peter gets into the illicit drug business, a la Breaking Bad.

ROAD TO VEGAS - AACX20 - 2013 - Stewie and Brian use Stewie's teleportation device to go to Las Vegas for a Celine Dion concert, but chaos ensues when the machine malfunctions and creates alt-versions of the pair: a "lucky" version and an "unlucky" one.

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN - AACX21 - 2013 - The Griffins are invited to join the prestigious Barrington Country Club and, of course, get thrown out.

FISTFUL OF MEG, A - AACX22 - 2013 - Meg spills her lunch on the new kid, Michael, who is appropriately nicknamed "Mental Mike." When he sets the date for her end on Friday, Meg tries to get out of it. Meanwhile, Peter continually harasses Brian in the nude until it escalates to the breaking point.

200 EPISODES LATER - AACX45 - 2012 - In the FAMILY GUY 200th Episode retrospective, fans get a behind-the-scenes look at this irreverent comedy's most outrageous moments, through fascinating interviews with creator Seth MacFarlane and voice actors Mila Kunis, Alex Borstein and Seth Green.


FINDERS KEEPERS - BACX01 - 2013 - Peter is convinced that a restaurant placemat is a treasure map. Word quickly spreads about the alleged cache, sparking a city-wide search and turning the citizens of Quahog against each other.

Peter discovers that he has a vestigial twin, whom he names Chip, growing out of his neck. It's not long before Peter resents the fact that everyone seems to love Chip more than him, so he decides to amputate his twin. However, when Peter gets into trouble, he realizes he needs Chip more than ever.

QUAGMIRE'S QUAGMIRE - BACX03 - 2013 - When Quagmire meets a woman named Sonja who is as sexually insatiable as he is, he is thrilled to finally be with someone who won't judge him. However, things take a turn for the worse when Sonja abducts Quagmire, intending to make him her sex slave. It is up to Peter, Joe and Quagmire's dad to explore the seedy underbelly of Quahog to find and rescue Quagmire. Meanwhile, a love triangle emerges between Stewie, Brian and Stewie's teddy bear, Rupert.

BOOPA-DEE BAPPA-DEE - BACX04 - 2013 - The Griffins take a trip to Italy and are forced to deal with annoying immigration laws after Peter destroys the family's passports.

LIFE OF BRIAN - BACX05 - 2013 - When Stewie and Brian travel back to 17th century Jamestown, via Stewie's time machine, they encounter too many close calls with altering the course of mankind. Stewie decides to destroy his time machine, but immediately regrets his decision when an unthinkable event happens and he is unable to go back in time.

IN HARMONY'S WAY - BACX06 - 2013 - When Peter and Quagmire discover that their singing voices create beautiful harmony together, they form a singing/songwriting team, in the vein of Simon and Garfunkel. However, tensions run high when fame gets to Peter’s head.

CHRISTMAS GUY - BACX07 - 2013 - When Carter Pewterschmidt cancels the annual Quahog Christmas Carnival because he hates the holiday, Peter must transform his father-in-law from a Scrooge into a hometown hero in order to salvage the event. Meanwhile, Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas.

PETER PROBLEMS - BACX08 - 2014 - When Peter finds he can't perform his, um, er, uh, manly duties, he enlists Quagmire and Joe to help him get his mojo back.

GRIMM JOB - BACX09 - 2014 - From Grimm to Griffin, three classic fairy tales get a new Quahog spin, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella.

BRIAN'S A BAD FATHER - BACX10 - 2014 - When Brian’s neglected son Dylan shows up in town as a teen TV star, Brian jumps at the opportunity to be hired on the show’s writing staff – instead of being a good father. Meanwhile, after Peter accidentally shoots Quagmire on a hunting trip, the two friends clash and Joe must choose a side.

MOM'S THE WORD - BACX11 - 2014 - After Peter's mother passes away, he forms a special friendship with her longtime pal, Evelyn, who attempts to seduce Peter. Meanwhile, Stewie is distraught when he understands the reality of death for the first time.

SECONDHAND SPOKE - BACX12 - 2014 - Peter takes up smoking cigarettes, and is approached by Mr. Stone, an advertising executive who wants Peter to be the face of his anti-smoking campaign under the caveat that Peter continues to smoke. Meanwhile, Stewie helps Chris battle bullies at school.

FRESH HEIR - BACX13 - 2014 - When Chris learns that he is the heir to Carter's fortune - but refuses to take the money - Peter takes drastic measures to keep the wealth in the family.

MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD, THE - BACX14 - 2014 - When Peter takes Stewie to the park for some quality father-son time, he mistakenly takes the wrong baby home, prompting Lois to call him an idiot. Determined to prove to her that he’s a responsible adult, Peter goes on a business trip to Chicago and returns as an intelligent, classy person.

BABY GOT BLACK - BACX15 - 2014 - When Chris begins to date Jerome's daughter, Pam, Jerome forbids it. But when Chris and Pam run away together, Jerome and Peter must work together to find their kids.

HERPE THE LOVE SORE - BACX16 - 2014 - Brian gives Stewie an STD. Meanwhile, Peter and the guys fight back when another group claims their booth at The Drunken Clam.

MEG STINKS! - BACX17 - 2014 - Meg has fun partying with Peter when he takes her to a college for an interview. Brian must learn how to live in the wild when he gets sprayed by a skunk and is prohibited from entering the house.

BAKING BAD – BACX20 – 2014 - Lois and Peter go into business together and open a cookie store, but things get messy when Peter comes up with his own way to get more customers.

BRIAN THE CLOSER – BACX21 – 2014 - Brian’s cosmetic surgery leads him down a new career path as a real estate agent, which gets him into trouble with Quagmire.

SIMPSONS, GUY, THE – PART 1 - BACX22 – 2014 - Peter and the Griffins get out of dodge and end up in Springfield, where they are greeted by a friendly stranger named Homer Simpson, who welcomes his new "albino" friends with open arms. The families get along famously: Stewie and Bart make out like bandits when Stewie trades in his mind control device for a good old-fashioned slingshot, Lisa takes Meg under her wing and teaches her the saxophone, and Peter and Homer team up to find Peter's stolen car.

SIMPSONS, GUY, THE – PART 2 - BACX23 – 2014 - Peter and Homer fight over the best beer in town - Pawtucket vs Duff. The battle over the best beer takes a legal turn when it turns out that Pawtucket is merely a ripoff of Duff, and the legal wranglings lead to an epic fight between the two dads.


BOOK OF JOE – CACX01 – 2014 – Peter helps Joe realize his dream of publishing a book, but things get out of hand when Peter takes over as the author. Meanwhile, Brian starts exercising to the extreme after experiencing a euphoric runner's high for the first time.

TURKEY GUYS – CACX02 – 2014 – On the night before Thanksgiving, Brian and Peter drunkenly devour the holiday bird, and then must go out to find a replacement. In Peter's absence, Chris attempts to step up and become the man of the house.

2000-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN - CACX03 – 2014 - After running into Jesus at the Quahog Mall, Peter is stunned to discover that the Son of God is still a virgin. So, he enlists Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland to help him throw Jesus the best birthday ever by finding a way to help him become a man.

Stewie, Chris and Brian's Excellent Adventure - CACX04 – 2015 -  Chris' principal asks to see Peter and Lois, and tells them that Chris has been struggling in school. If he fails his history final tomorrow, he'll have to repeat the ninth grade. Peter's attempt to "help" Chris study is a disaster, so Chris attempts to study on his own. Late that night, an exhausted Chris confides to Brian that he hasn't managed to learn a thing. When Brian tells Stewie that some people just can't learn from books, Stewie has an idea: maybe Chris can learn by actually being shown history by using Stewie's time machine... though they tell him that he's dreaming so he won't know the time machine is real. However, when Chris still proves incapable of learning anything, Stewie loses patience with him, and an upset Chris, who has stolen the return pad, runs away... leaving them all stranded in the past. And Chris' ignorance of historical events ends up putting them all in terrible danger.
Our Idiot Brian - CACX05 – 2015 - Meg is worried about her performance on the SAT – she hasn't been doing well on the practice tests and needs to improve her score to get into a good college. When her friends suggest that she get somebody smart to take the SATs for her, she convinces Brian to do it. However, when he tests poorly, getting the lowest grade in the class, everybody starts to suspect that Brian might not be that smart after all. Brian is distraught, but Peter tells him that being stupid is fun. He decides to spend the day showing Brian the joys of being stupid and the benefits of having a low IQ. Brian, to his surprise, enjoys the benefits of lowered expectations, and begins degenerating into a complete moron – much to Peter's delight... and Stewie's dismay. However, Brian's newfound stupidity may have another cause besides a low test score and Peter's influence.... and Brian finds himself faced with a choice.

This Little Piggy - CACX06 – 2015 - While attending Stewie's preschool moving-up ceremony, Meg is thrilled to be recruited as a model, and upset when her parents aren't thrilled for her. She attends her first modeling session, and is shocked to find out that she's been recruited by a photographer for the foot fetish industry. Though she's taken aback, the photographer assures her that there's plenty of money to be made, and she could be a big star. Sure enough, her photos attract a lot of hits online... one of them Chris. He outs Meg's new career to her family, and Peter and Lois try to rescue her from a life in porn.
Meanwhile, Stewie decides that he hasn't experienced enough of life outside of preschool, so he decides to hit the open road and live life to the fullest. Brian accompanies him on the trip and they start off with a music festival, where he and Brian fall for the same girl... and Stewie ends up with far more life experience than he bargained for.

Quagmire's Mom - CACX07 – 2015  -  Peter is incensed to find that his checkbook is really a pad full of Post-Its, which Lois gave him because he can't be trusted with money. Still, when he insists, she takes him to open a checking account. At the bank, upon producing his birth certificate, they discover that "Peter" is Peter's middle name; his first name is actually "Justin." Peter is thrilled with his "new" name, and begins living a "Justin lifestyle" – a cool, younger "bro" with an active life of soccer, camping and concerts. Well, he talks about doing those things, anyway. "Justin" throws a rager of a party, during which Quagmire hooks up with an underage girl, and the next day, he is arrested for statutory rape. Peter testifies as a character witness at Quagmire's trial. When this, predictably, does not go well, Quagmire testifies on his own behalf, telling his life story... but this gets him into some trouble with his mother.

Encyclopedia Griffin - CACX08 – 2015 - When Stewie's tricycle is stolen, Peter, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland search for the culprit. When they quickly find the stolen trike, they decide to form a neighborhood detective agency to solve children's crimes, a la Encyclopaedia Brown, working out of Peter's garage. They are deluged with cases, largely involving stolen toys. When they get a lead in a case thanks to a nanny-cam video, they discover that Chris is the thief. Upon searching his bedroom for the stolen items, they discover that he has stitched them together into a life-sized female doll... which Chris has named "Heather" and delusionally insists is his girlfriend. Lois feels guilty for providing Chris with such a bad example of a what a relationship is via her marriage with Peter; they haven't done anything demonstrably affectionate in a long time. Peter spectacularly fails to carry out Lois' request to have Chris get rid of the doll, but when Lois realizes that Chris is actually behaving in a very affectionate way towards "Heather," she sees an opportunity for Peter to learn something by copying Chris' romantic gestures.

Stewie Is Enceinte - CACX09 – 2015 -  Stewie wants to hang out with Brian, but Brian doesn't seem to want to hang out with him anymore. He's distant... he always seems to have plans. Suddenly, Stewie realizes that Joe and Bonnie weren't spending much time together until they had Suzie, and concludes that babies save relationships. Stewie attempts to suggest to Brian over dinner that the two have a baby together, but Brian is so busy texting other folks that no conversation actually happens. And so Stewie resolves to have a baby by stealing Brian's DNA and using it to impregnate himself. When Brian learns what Stewie has done, he is horrified, but Stewie insists on going through with the pregnancy, and soon Brian finds himself a reluctant father to a half-human litter of seven child-puppies.
Meanwhile, Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland attempt to make a viral video. They brainstorm what the elements of a viral video should be, like cats and gross stuff, but Peter suggests they simply go out and start filming. However, they try too hard, and are ultimately beaten to the punch by somebody unexpected.

Dr. C & the Women - CACX10 – 2015 -  When the unemployed Cleveland manages to mediate a fight between Joe and Quagmire, using skills he learned while volunteering as a youth counselor at his church, Peter suggests he start a new career as a therapist. He does quite well, and when Lois later tells Peter that he's driving her crazy, he suggests they go to Cleveland for relationship advice. However, Peter ends up not appreciating the advice Cleveland gives, and threatens to tell Donna a big secret about what went down at Cleveland's bachelor party if Cleveland doesn't take back his marriage advice immediately. But when Cleveland responds by running away, Lois makes Peter go and find him.
Meanwhile, Meg needs to make money for prom, so Quagmire suggests she get a job at the airport, where they're always looking for new TSA screeners. As she learns the ropes, her co-worker, Larry, tells her not to worry too much – she's basically unfireable because she's the hottest employee there. She instantly becomes popular, and is flirted with by all her male co-workers. But things get tense when she goes on a date with Larry, and his girlfriend, Marla, who also works at the TSA, becomes bitterly jealous.

#jolo - CACX11 – 2015 - All the guys have pudding on the brain thanks to a new 3-D animatronic billboard advertising pudding. When Peter insists there's real pudding in the bowl, he climbs the billboard and finds not pudding, but a missing seven-year-old boy. Peter's accidental find makes him a town hero, and soon he is being feted by the Mayor and given the key to the city. Inspired by Peter's newfound acclaim, Joe decides he's going to live life just like Peter and not think about things, but just DO them. He decides to live life to the fullest by quitting his job and making other major changes to his life. New Joe is impulsive and fun, and he takes Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland along on an impromptu road trip to Niagara Falls. But it soon becomes apparent that there's something a bit off about Joe's behavior.

Once Bitten - CACX12 – 2015 - When Brian becomes ill, Peter has a devil of a time trying to get Brian to take the pills he needs. None of Peter's tricks to get Brian to take the pills work, and neither does brute force. Finally, Brian, pushed beyond endurance, ends up biting Peter. In the aftermath of the incident, Brian begins to get more and more aggressive. When his behavior becomes intolerable, he is sent to obedience school, where a drill sergeant breaks him down until he's a "good boy" again. When he returns to the Griffin household, he is extremely submissive. Peter enjoys being able to order Brian around at first, but eventually, he realizes that he misses his old, feistier pal.
Meanwhile, Chris makes a new friend at school – another social exile like himself – but feels betrayed when he discovers it was all a ploy to get closer to Meg.

Roasted Guy - CACX13 – 2015 - After discovering the old Dean Martin roasts, Peter decides he wants his friends to throw a roast for him so he can be "the man of the hour."  He tells them not to pull any punches, and they all enthusiastically agree.  But when they do so, his feelings are hurt, and he leaves the roast in tears.  He resolves to find himself new friends.  This does not go well at first, but he eventually falls in with a group of girlfriends, joining their catty coffee-klatch.  When they start making fun of Lois behind her back and Peter joins in, Brian tells him he owes Lois an apology.  However, when Peter confesses, Lois isn't surprised.  She tells Peter that his new friends are probably talking about him behind his back, too, and Peter soon discovers that Lois may be right.

Take My Wife - CACX14 - 2015 - Lois, Bonnie and Donna book a week-long couples vacation in the Bahamas for themselves and their husbands. Peter is at first not thrilled at the thought of the expense, but as the trip approaches, he starts to get more enthusiastic. Quagmire, upset he wasn't invited, hooks up with a girl just so he can tag along on the trip. The resort is beautiful, but the men are soon surprised and angry when they learn that this isn't just a vacation... it's a marriage counseling retreat. Things get interesting when Noel, the facilitator, concludes that none of the couples are compatible with each other... but they all have high compatibility with other people in the group. And when a morning exercise spent with their new matches goes unexpectedly well, Lois decides it's time to go home. But an unexpected turn of events strands them on the island, and puts them all in terrible danger.
Meanwhile, Carter watches the kids at home and becomes frustrated that they're too into their electronics to play games the old-fashioned way, so he tries to fix it himself by locking up all their devices for the week and encouraging them to join him in more old-fashioned pastimes.  

Fighting Irish - CACX15 – 2015 - As Quagmire announces a three-day block party to celebrate a milestone in his life, news reaches town that Liam Neeson will be filming a Hollywood movie just three hours away from Quahog in Waterbury, Connecticut. Peter thinks that Neeson is a "fake tough guy" and claims he would beat him in a fight. When Peter won't shut up about it, the guys decide to make him put up or shut up. They take a road trip to Connecticut, but when Peter finally gets his chance and is put to the test, he learns that winning is tougher than it seems.
Meanwhile, Stewie becomes jealous when Lois decides to become a classroom volunteer at his preschool, and she starts paying more attention to the other kids than him. When Stewie believes that one of the other kids has "seduced" Lois, Stewie decides to retaliate by "seducing" the kid's mother in an attempt to make Lois jealous.

PETERNORMAL ACTIVITY - CACX16 - 2015 - After watching the terrible horror film "Maniac Pope 2," the guys decide they can do better, and resolve to write their own horror movie. They try to brainstorm at the Drunken Clam, but find themselves uninspired, so, on a dark and stormy night, they go to spend the night an abandoned and reputedly haunted asylum for inspiration. They come up with several ideas of questionable quality, but when they freak themselves out with their scary stories, they end up accidentally killing a hook-handed man they think is keeping them hostage. Wracked with guilt, they each try to pin the murder on each other. Meanwhile, Stewie is on a mission to destroy Brian's glasses – glasses Brian doesn't even need – because he's annoyed by how pretentious Brian's been acting when he wears them.

PILLING THEM SOFTLY - CACX17 - 2015 - When Lois picks up Stewie at daycare, the teacher tells her that he seems to have an attention problem and suggests medicating him. Dr. Hartman diagnoses him with ADD and prescribes Adderall, which mellows him out considerably, to the point of catatonia. Brian is outraged... until Meg tells him that college students take Adderall to help them focus. Brian takes Stewie's pills and ends up writing a 2000-page proposal for a fantasy series to pitch to author George R.R. Martin at a book convention. Meanwhile, when Quagmire demonstrates his cooking skills, everyone suggests he apply for a job as the new host of the local cooking show. Peter goes with him to cheer him on, and ends up getting hired along with Quagmire as his "hilarious" sidekick. However, when Quagmire has had enough of his antics and fires him, the network gives him his own show. When an outraged Quagmire insists there isn't room at the network for both of them, the two compete, Iron Chef-style, to determine which of them gets to keep their show.

PAPA HAS A ROLLIN' SON - CACX18 - 2015 - Father's Day is coming up, and when the guys learn that Joe is estranged from his father and doesn't even know where he is, they decide to track him down. They quickly find Joe's dad, Bud, via the internet and secretly invite him to town, but when Peter lets the surprise leak, Joe is horrified – his father makes fun of people with disabilities, especially people in wheelchairs, and has no idea that Joe is paralyzed. Peter tries to find a way to hide Joe's disability, but when that doesn't work out, Peter steps in and pretends to be Joe, while Joe pretends to be Peter. However, when Peter gets along with Bud better than expected, the ruse gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Stewie’s doctor tells him that he’ll only grow to be 5’1”, and is worried that he'll be an outcast. Soon he meets Tom Cruise, who turns out to be much, much, MUCH shorter than he expected. Seeing that Tiny Tom Cruise is upbeat despite being so short, the two spend the day together so Tom can show him how he copes. Stewie learns how fun it can be to be short – but when he gets unexpected news, his friendship with Tom takes a scary turn. 


GUY, ROBOT - DACX02 - 2015 - Brian is aghast at the state of stand-up comedy, not finding the comics Peter watches on TV funny, and is convinced he can do better. On Brian's first outing at the comedy club, he doesn't get any laughs with his political humor... so he steals Stewie's Twitter jokes and is suddenly a hit. When Stewie finds out, he's furious, and declares and he and Brian are no longer friends. To get back at Brian and make him jealous, Stewie builds a robot friend named Lyle. The two have a great time together at first, but since Lyle is programmed to get exponentially smarter over time, he eventually becomes smarter than Stewie and builds two robot friends of his own. Stewie is desperate to fit in with the mean-spirited robotic trio, and humiliates himself trying. Meanwhile, when Lois has to sleep on Peter's side of the bed, she discovers the mattress is not only caved in, but absolutely disgusting. After a terrible night's sleep, she forces Peter to get a new mattress. However, Lois doesn't want to mess up the expensive new mattress right away, so she tells Peter they're not going to have sex for a few weeks... leading Peter and the guys on a questionable quest to find the old mattress.


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