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A U.S. adaptation of the BBC series about a 21st century detective who is mysteriously transported back to the 1970s.

CAST: Jason O'Mara, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol, Jonathan Murphy, Lisa Bonet




OUT HERE IN THE FIELDS - 1ANY01 - 2008 - As Sam Tyler tries to adjust to finding himself back in 1973, he tails a killer whose methods seem identical to the killer he was trailing in 2008.

THE REAL ADVENTURES OF THE UNREAL SAM TYLER - 1ANY02 - 2008 - Still tormented by the turn of events that have landed him in 1973, Sam focuses his attention on a series of fatal robberies… and is shocked when evidence leads him back to the 125th Precinct.

MY MAHARISHI IS BIGGER THAN YOUR MAHARISHI - 1ANY03 - 2008 - The murder of a returning Vietnam veteran forces the 125th precinct to deal with controversial issues; as Sam explores the circumstances surrounding the homicide, he is sent down a mysterious path that may provide clues about his own family's past… and why he is back in 1973.

HAVE YOU SEEN YOUR MOTHER, BABY STANDING IN SHADOW - 1ANY04 - 2008 - Sam's attempt to save a woman under attack lures him back into his past, as he comes face to face with his mother (circa '73) while leading the 125th precinct to re-investigate past murders of females linked to local gangsters.

THINGS TO DO IN NEW YORK WHEN YOU THINK YOUR DEAD - 1ANY05 - 2008 - A racial confrontation is triggered between the African Americans and Puerto Ricans in the neighborhood when a young black girl's body is discovered thrown from a rooftop; and Sam and his fellow detectives must solve the crime before the Black Liberation Army hunts down the Puerto Rican suspect to levy their own kind of justice.

TUESDAY'S DEAD - 1ANY06 - 2008 - Stressed about a phone call in which he hears his mother's voice in 2008 begging him to wake up, he and the rest of the squad are ordered to diffuse a potentially explosive face off in which a crazed gunman is trying to force a doctor to reverse a dangerous operation on the renegade's brother. Sam soon realizes that the clock ticking on the gunman's demands parallels another deadline… that could spell the end of his life.

THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD - 1ANY07 - 2008 - When the baby of a prominent family is kidnapped for ransom, Sam Tyler is shocked to discover that his own father, Vic Tyler, may be involved; Vic agrees to cooperate with the squad in order to retrieve the missing baby, but the deeper Sam gets into his father's world, the closer he gets to uncovering some dark, sordid truths… compelling him to face long-suppressed childhood memories.

DARK SIDE OF THE MOOK, THE - 1ANY08 - 2009 - A mysterious phone call leads Sam to a headless body; and a severed head is delivered to the precinct at the same time, thus leading to the discovery of a series of gruesome decapitations that may involve Ray's ne'er-do-well brother Eddie.

REVENGE OF A BROKEN JAW - 1ANY09 - 2009 - When student radicals from the Weather Underground target the police with bomb threats, it becomes all too personal to Lt. Hunt, who loses several close friends in the incendiary aftermath; Sam worries that Hunt could be the next target, and works with Annie to uncover the connection between one of the Weathermen and a political science professor.

SIMPLE SECRET OF THE NOTE IN US ALL, THE - 1ANY10 - 2009 - A famous newspaper columnist turns up dead, and Sam is certain he knows the killer… someone he remembers from another murder case 35 years in the future; and spurred on by powerful flashbacks from 2008, Sam's behavior seems increasingly erratic to his co-workers at the precinct, who have a different suspect in mind.

TAKE A LOOK AT THE LAWMEN - 1ANY11 - 2009 - A longstanding competition between Lt. Hunt and the detectives of the 125th precinct, and Lt. Nunzio and the 144th precinct, heats up when the Russian mafia appears to be linked to a bank robbery; a nine-year-old boy at the crime scene possibly holds the key to cracking a case which has Hunt, Sam, Ray, and Chris looking over their shoulders not only for possible suspects, but also for rival detectives; and a young, attractive social worker catches Sam's eye.

LET ALL THE CHILDREN BOOGIE - 1ANY12 - 2009 - When rock star Sebastian Grace receives a death threat, Sam and Chris are exposed to the rock-and-roll lifestyle; things really get strange when Chris follows Sebastian and one of his groupies to an open field to watch for UFOs; the groupie disappears after a supposed sighting; and after researching UFO abductions, Sam believes he may finally have found a way back home.

HOME IS WHERE YOU HANG YOUR HOLSTER - 1ANY13 - 2009 - A New York councilman shares a stunning secret with Sam that leaves him with more questions than answers; a chaotic shooting at the precinct causes Lieutenant Hunt to call a lockdown; and family tensions explode as Hunt and his daughter Maria confront each other.

COFFEE, TEA OR ANNIE - 1ANY14 - 2009 - When a stewardess turns up dead, Annie poses as the murdered woman to help solve the case; this leads to a lurid swingers' party full of surprises for Annie and Sam, who are attending undercover as a couple.

ALL THE YOUNG DUDES - 1ANY15 - 2009 - Sam infiltrates a vicious gang suspected of truck hijackings, and is pushed to the limit to not blow his cover; a bare-knuckled fist fight, a late-night deal to buy a truckload of stolen electronic equipment, and even time behind bars at his own 125th Precinct are all necessary elements of Sam's scam; but his attraction to the gang leader's sister that may be his undoing.

EVERYONE KNOWS IT'S WINDY - 1ANY16 - 2009 - Ray and Chris are shot by the leader of a vicious gang; when the shooter is then murdered, fingers on both sides of the law point to Sam; with the evidence stacking up against him, a perplexed Sam questions his own innocence and must rely upon his friends at the precinct to bend the rules as he searches for the real killer.

LIFE IS A ROCK - 1ANY17 - 2009 - Sam receives a phone call telling him he can return to 2008 by completing three tasks, but a dizzying set of circumstances in and out of the precinct makes him think twice; when love, death, promise, hope, fear, and mystery converge, will Sam decide to stay in 1973 or return to the present?


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