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DRIVE is the gripping ensemble series that revolves around competitors in an illegal, cross-road race.

CAST: Nathan Fillion, Kristin Lehman, Kevin Alejandro, Rochelle Aytes, Dylan Barker, Michael Hyatt, Melanie Lynskey, Taryn Manning, Mircea Monroe, J.D. Pardo, Charles Martin Smith, Riley Smith, Emma Stone




THE STARTING LINE - 1AMP01 - 2007 - Ordinary strangers from all over the country are invited or coerced to compete in a secret, exclusive, and illegal cross-country road raceā€¦ with a first prize of $32 million.

PARTNERS - 1AMP02 - 2007 - Alex finds out he has more in common with Corinna than expected; Wendy must complete her penalty round by eliminating Ivy; and Jim continues to keep his cancer a secret.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN - 1AMP03 - 2007 - As the teams race to the next checkpoint, Corinna searches for an arrested Alex; Sean proves his worth; and John continues to hide his cancer from Violet.

NO TURNING BACK - 1AMP04 - 2007 - Having been eliminated, Susan and Leigh refuse to quit the race with devastating consequences; Rob finds out Elle has been keeping secrets; Sean shows an unexpected talent for crime and Alex returns to his old way of life.

EXTRA MILE, THE - 1AMP05 - 2007 - All drivers hit the road for the fastest way to the next pit stop. Four participants have to face the consequences for their 'jump start'. Even without Ivy and Susan, Leigh will not stop racing and looks for a new co-pilot, while Wendy's baby is threatened when his mother is pushed by Ivy to continue the race.

REARVIEW - 1AMP06 - 2007 - With Winston and Sean in possession of the flash drive, Corinna and Alex take a huge risk in order to get background information on the race - information that could include Kathryn's location. Wendy is in a different race, a race against her husband, to be the first to get to baby Sam.


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