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David E. Kelley’s Emmy® Award-winning legal drama, THE PRACTICE, returns for its eighth season, promising more provocative, issue-related stories coupled with the writer’s trademark humor.

Set in Boston, THE PRACTICE centers on a firm of passionate attorneys to whom every case is important and every client worth a fight to the end. Legal maneuvering is the firm’s modus operandi and they have it down to a science, making even the most questionable arguments seem convincing. While they can’t — and don’t — win every trial, the pursuit of justice remains the priority until the final verdict is announced... and sometimes afterwards. Pursuing justice, however, often forces them to confront serious ethical and moral issues of conscience.





PILOT - 1ABQ79 - 1997 - Bobby Donnell, a Boston attorney struggling to keep his law practice afloat, defends a seventeen year-old girl who maintains her innocence after police discover cocaine in her possession. Lindsay facesoff against one of her ex-law professors when a client sues a tobacco company.

PART I - 1ABQ01 - 1997 - Eugene attempts to avert tragedy by asking a judge to grant off against one of her ex-law professors when a client sues a tobacco company. A restraining order against a man who repeatedly threatened his wife and young son. Bobby attempts to keep the practice afloat by borrowing money from Berluti's bank.

TRIAL AND ERROR - 1ABQ02 - 1997 - In preparation for a civil case, Bobby closely monitors a criminal trial against a man who strangled his girlfriend and plead temporary insanity. Eugene defends a flasher who solicited a prostitute. Berluti is fired from his job at the bank. Lindsay uncovers potentially damaging information about the judge overseeing the tobacco company trial.

PART IV - 1ABQ03 - 1997 - The jury reaches a verdict in the Ronald Martin trial-but the outcome triggers more violence. Lindsay's opening statement in the case against the tobacco company produces a startling response from the defense.

PART V - 1ABQ04 - 1997 - Braun rejects a temporary insanity defense. Eugene wagers money that he can win an acquittal for a man he suspects is guilty of armed robbery. Ellenor meets a man she contacted through a personals ad.

PART VI - 1ABQ05 - 1997 - The jury reaches a verdict in the case against Gerald Braun. Eugene represents a man who had sex with a thirteen year-old girl. A fugitive on the run from the law for twenty-five years turns himself in-only to discover the charges against him had been dropped.

DOG BITE - 1ABQ06 - 1997 - Berluti represents a young girl who was bitten in the face by a dog. A juror communicates with Lindsay during a trial. Eugene defends a one-legged African American man accused of robbery.

FIRST DEGREE - 1ABQ07 - 1997 - Bobby defends an adulterer charged with murder. Eugene represents a Boston cop seeking disability compensation by claiming his job caused him to become a racist. Berluti experiences an erotic dream involving Lindsay.

SEX, LIES & MONKEYS - 1ABQ08 - 1997 - Bobby attempts to win the release of an innocent woman he helped convict of murder. Berluti represents a hirsute man who was fired because of his looks. Lindsay realizes Kelton drugged her before they had sex. Ellenor is sued by a man she met through a personals ad.

RACE WITH THE DEVIL - 1ABQ09 - 1997 - Bobby's priest becomes a client after a woman suffers a fatal heart attack during an exorcism. Eugene assists a man who refuses to allow his doctor to remove a medical instrument from his backside. Berluti appears in his own television commercial.

THE CIVIL RIGHT - 1ABQ10 - 1997 - Berluti presents an argument in favor of same-sex marriages after his mother reveals that she is a lesbian. Eugene attacks a rape victim's testimony. A man claims he was sexually molested by his female dentist.

PURSUIT OF DIGNITY - 1ABQ12 - 1998 - Bobby's senior prom date is arrested for prostitution. Ellenor represents a little girl who was thrown out of school because of a disability. Lindsay represents a woman who claims she suffered psychological trauma after a doctor treated her using live insects.


REASONABLE DOUBTS - 2ABQ01 - 1997 - Bobby has an affair with a beautiful client who is accused of committing murder.

BETRAYAL - 2ABQ02 - 1997 - The attorneys represent a gay man who may or may not have murdered his lover. Berluti is wrongly accused of soliciting a prostitute.

THE BLESSING - 2ABQ03 - 1997 - A doctor is prosecuted for murder after he performs euthanasia on a terminallyill patient. Eugene and Lindsay defend an elderly bookie whose illegal activities were videotaped during a sting operation.

SEARCH & SEIZURE - 2ABQ04 - 1997 - A husband seeks a court order that would force his pregnant wife to undergo a C-section. Lindsay represents a drug dealer caught red-handed with a large quantity of cocaine. Gamble asks Bobby out on a date.

THE MEANS - FINAL - 2ABQ05 - 1997 - Bobby and Eugene use a racist sociological theory as a defense when an African-American client is accused of committing manslaughter during a riot. Ellenor sues a travel agent on the behalf of a conceded longtime friend.

SPIRIT OF AMERICA - 2ABQ07 - 1997 - A documentary crew records the attorneys as they fight to win a stay of execution for a man convicted of murdering a young girl.

LINE OF DUTY - 2ABQ08 - 1998 - Bobby is arrested after he tips off a drug dealer client about a police raid-leading to the deaths of several officers. Berluti is humiliated by a fellow attorney who attempts to convince a judge to throw out the cancer cluster suit.

TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES - 2ABQ09 - 1998 - A gang member threatens Rebecca's life after she witnesses a robbery-homicide. Lindsay steps in when Berluti's poor lawyering jeopardizes the cancer cluster case.

BURDEN OF PROOF - 2ABQ10 - 1998 - Berluti faces his greatest challenge when the cancer cluster case goes to trial.

TIES THAT BIND - 2ABQ11 - 1998 - Ellenor and Lindsay defend an actress accused of killing her husband during the making of a pornographic film. Lindsay tells Gamble about her affair with Bobby.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEMBRANES - 2ABQ13 - 1998 - Bobby and Helen Gamble match wits in court when the Cindy Marks murder case goes to trial.

IN DEEP - 2ABQ14 - 1998 - Rebecca testifies against the shooter. An embarrassed Lindsay defends a man's use of a toilet. Ellenor's purse-snatcher client faces twenty years in jail when the D.A.'s office invokes a law aimed at protecting tourists. Eugene accuses the Asian owner of a dry cleaner of shrinking his shirt.

CHECKMATE - 2ABQ16 - 1998 - Joey Heric matches wits with Gamble when he opts to represent himself in court. Ellenor represents a heavy-set woman ridiculed by a clown.

TREES IN THE FOREST - 2ABQ17 - 1998 - Eugene defends a man who accidentally killed a friend during a gang initiation ritual. Gamble prosecutes a driver who struck and killed a homeless man. Rebecca stomps a rodent to death shortly before being honored by an animal rights organization.

FOOD CHAINS - 2ABQ18 - 1998 - Rebecca participates in a sting operation targeting an insurance scam. Ellenor fights to save the life of a highly-intelligent chimpanzee.

AXE MURDERER - 2ABQ19 - 1998 - With help from Ally McBeal, the firm defends a murder suspect who claims she was Lizzie Borden in a past life. Ellenor learns the truth about Dr. Spivak.

DUTY BOUND - 2ABQ20 - 1998 - Berluti's priest is accused of killing a fifteen-year-old boy. The attorneys worry that Ellenor might tell her lover about the insurance scam sting operation.


PASSING GO - 3ABQ01 - 1998 - One of Ellenor's clients hits Bobby with his car. Gamble tries two murder suspects simultaneously-despite Eugene's insistence that one may be innocent. Rebecca makes a surprise announcement.

REASON TO BELIEVE - 3ABQ02 - 1998 - The attorneys search for a defense strategy when Lindsay's former professor shoots a man. A four-year-old witness is Gamble's only hope of prosecuting a murderer. Rebecca's bicycle theft case goes to trial.

BODY COUNT - 3ABQ03 - 1998 - A client walks into the firm with a bag containing a human head. Berluti and Rebecca defend a Walter Mitty-like man who plotted-but did not execute-a murder.

THE DEFENDERS - 3ABQ04 - 1998 - Lindsay defends her former law professor in court. Ellenor clashes with a judge when the prosecution seeks to introduce into evidence sexually explicit videotapes found in Vogelman's apartment.

THE BATTLEFIELD - 3ABQ05 - 1998 - Lindsay appeals the verdict in the Pearson case. Berluti's cousin ends up in court after he terminates an employee because she is of Iranian descent. Bobby assists a young Utah woman whose father "gave her away" to a polygamist.

ONE OF THOSE DAYS - 3ABQ06 - 1998 - Ellenor and Eugene's lack of a strong defense strategy in the George Vogelman murder trial causes them to resort to desperate tactics.

TRENCH WORK - 3ABQ07 - 1998 - Steve Robin sues the firm for defamation of character. Lindsay doggedly attempts to persuade Judge Hiller to reduce the charge against Pearson to manslaughter.

SWEARING IN - 3ABQ08 - 1998 - Bobby defends a babysitter accused of shaking a child to death. Rebecca suspects that her client, who has been charged with burglary, is a serial killer. Silva deposes Eugene.

STATE OF MIND - 3ABQ09 - 1998 - The Evelyn Mayfield case goes to trial. A young boy is accused of committing sexual harassment after he passes a note to a female classmate.

LOVE AND HONOR - 3ABQ10 - 1998 - As Christmas approaches…Berluti faces off against Silva as the Robins' lawsuit goes to trial.

SPLIT DECISIONS - 3ABQ11 - 1999 - The attorneys debate whether or not to represent an asbestos company. Eugene represents a cross-dresser who was arrested for soliciting a politician.

A DAY IN THE LIFE 3ABQ12 - 1999 - Bobby aids a friend whose daughter may have accidentally smothered her newborn. An African-American drug dealer claims that police targeted him because of his skin color. Lindsay defends a man who survived a boating accident by stealing a life preserver from a drowning shipmate.

JUDGE AND JURY - 3ABQ13 - 1999 - Gamble prosecutes the executive producer of a television news magazine who allowed footage of an assisted suicide to air on his program. A judge experiences erotic dreams about Bobby.

OF HUMAN BONDAGE - 3ABQ14 - 1999 - Bobby defends a young prostitute accused of murder. Ellenor defends a longtime drug user accused of selling cocaine. Berluti turns actor to satisfy a woman bent on tormenting her husband during divorce proceedings. Eugene's son asks Lucy out on a date.

LAWYERS, REPORTERS AND COCKROACHES - 3ABQ15 - 1999 - Bobby represents a restaurateur who went out of business after a television station aired an undercover report about cockroaches in the eatery's kitchen. Gamble prosecutes a teenager who killed a neighbor's cat. Ellenor discovers that Lindsay makes twice her salary.

END GAMES - 3ABQ16 - 1999 - Ellenor is charged with murder after police find a bloody knife in her desk drawer. A former law clerk sues Judge Kittleson for sexual harassment.

TARGET PRACTICE - 3ABQ17 - 1999 - A couple sues a gun manufacturer after their daughter is murdered with an assault weapon. Eugene's son is arrested for dealing drugs.

CROSSFIRE - 3ABQ18 - 1999 - Eugene and his wife battle for custody of their son. A psychologist claims he was fired from his job because he is cross-eyed. Gamble loses faith in a defendant who claims she was the victim of a carjacking.

CLOSET JUSTICE - 3ABQ19 - 1999 - A judge forces Lindsay to defend a man who brutally murdered a nun. Berluti defends a client who claims his arrest on a solicitation charge amounts to entrapment.


FREE DENTAL - 4ABQ01 - 1999 - Bobby represents a dentist accused of murdering one of his patients; Ellenor goes out to dinner with George Vogelman.

BOSTON CONFIDENTIAL - 4ABQ02 - 1999 - Gamble coaches a police officer who discovered a corpse while conducting an illegal search; Berluti hopes to win the release of a client who was convicted of a murder he did not commit.

LOSERS KEEPERS - 4ABQ03 - 1999 - The mysterious nun terrorizes the attorneys; Rebecca represents a man who accepted money in exchange for pleading guilty to a crime he did not commit.

LEGACY - 4ABQ04 - 1999 - Bobby defends Raymond Oz when his wife attempts to gain control of his estate by declaring him incompetent; Eugene co-chairs with an attorney who has never won a trial.

OZ - 4ABQ05 - 1999 - Despite his advanced age and questionable mental state, Raymond Oz represents himself during his murder trial.

MAROONED - 4ABQ06 - 1999 - Rebecca defends a woman who stabbed her own mother to death; Bobby asks Lindsay to wear his mother's wedding dress.

VICTIMLESS CRIMES - 4ABQ07 - 1999 - Berluti represents an angry rape victim who killed her attacker and refuses to act remorseful; Lucy realizes that her dentist-who is Bobby's cousin-bit her while she was under anesthesia.

COMMITTED - 4ABQ08 - 1999 - Eugene's ex-wife and son become suspects in a murder investigation; Lindsay represents a mass murderer seeking release from a mental hospital.

BAY OF PIGS - 4ABQ09 - 1999 - Ellenor deposes a dying witness who claims his wife intentionally ran him down with her car; Berluti represents a former girlfriend who sold her eggs on the Internet.

DAY IN COURT - 4ABQ10 - 1999 -  As Christmas approaches…Bobby clashes with a judge as he defends a drug dealer who claims he acted in self-defense when he stabbed a man seven times.

BLOWING SMOKE - 4ABQ11 - 2000 - Lindsay represents a woman who claims a cigar manufacturer broke up her marriage; Rebecca defends a police officer who shot and killed a teenager.

NEW EVIDENCE - 4ABQ12 - 2000 - The attorneys travel to Los Angeles to defend a man accused of murdering a woman he met through an Internet chat room.

CHECKMATES - 4ABQ13 - 2000 - Ellenor defends a teenager with a low I.Q. who is accused of bludgeoning a boy to death; Bobby alleges that Gamble extracted a confession from a young murder suspect using the boy's detective father.

HAMMERHEAD SHARKS - 4ABQ14 - 2000 - In Los Angeles, the increasingly desperate attorneys consider resorting to "Plan B" as they defend Dennis Mills against charges that he murdered a woman he met on the Internet.

RACE IPSA LOQUITOR - 4ABQ15 - 2000 - Berluti fights to win the release of a man he believes was wrongly convicted; Eugene and Rebecca represent a woman whose husband died while undergoing liposuction surgery.

SETTLING - 4ABQ16 - 2000 - Bobby is kidnapped by a disgruntled former client who served twelve years in prison for a double homicide he did not commit.

BLACK WIDOWS - 4ABQ17 - 2000 - The attorneys defend a woman accused of killing her elderly husband by having rough sex with him; Gamble tricks a fifteen-year-old girl into admitting she killed her unborn child.

DEATH PENALTIES - 4ABQ18 - 2000 - Bobby represents a man who shot his terminally ill wife in the head; Ellenor searches for evidence that led to the conviction of a man facing execution on death row.

TIL DEATH DO US PART - 4ABQ19 - 2000 - The attorneys attempt to compel a federal circuit court to order a D.N.A. test of evidence used to convict Stuart Donovan; complications ensue when an elderly man marries an Alzheimer's sufferer.

LIBERTY BELLS - 4ABQ20 - 2000 - The lawyers hope that newly discovered evidence will keep Stuart Donovan from being executed.

THE HONORABLE MAN - 4ABQ21 - 2000 - Eugene and Lindsay represent a man who claims he raped-but did not murder-a dead woman he found in a dumpster; Berluti represents an employer who exposed one of his employees as having the AIDS virus.

LIFE SENTENCE - 4ABQ22 - 2000 - The attorneys defend a deaf woman who avenged her young daughter's rape and murder by shooting the perpetrator; Bobby and Lindsay make final plans to be wed.


SUMMARY JUDGMENTS - 5ABQ01 - 2000 - Gamble has second thoughts about prosecuting one of Bobby's clients, a man charged with murdering his wife. Lindsay and Ellenor attempt to sue the Environmental Protection Agency.

GERM WARFARE - 5ABQ02 - 2000 - Bobby searches for a way to win Wallace's release. Gamble attempts to discredit Kyle's testimony. The jury reaches a verdict in the EPA case.

OFFICERS OF THE COURT - 5ABQ03 - 2000 - Berluti conspires with the prosecution to keep a pregnant cocaine addict behind bars until her baby is born. Ellenor accuses Judge Aldrich of blackmail in her attempt to get a client's multimillion dollar award reinstated.

APPEAL AND DENIAL - 5ABQ04 - 2000 - Bobby attempts to win Scott Wallace's release. A woman who claims her husband pushed her down a flight of stairs suddenly wishes to drop charges. Lucy announces that someone at the firm is pregnant.

WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS - 5ABQ05 - 2000 - A murder trial threatens to ruin a police officer's personal life. Berluti warns a client not to laugh when he is sentenced by a judge who tells all defendants the same ridiculous story. Bobby defends Scott Wallace during his retrial.

SHOW AND TELL - 5ABQ06 - 2000 - A reporter interviews various participants in the Scott Wallace case as the retrial gets underway.

BROTHERS' KEEPERS - 5ABQ07 - 2000 - A Pakistani man is charged with murder after his brother kills his wife as part of an ancient custom. Luckless Harland Bassett asks for Eugene's help after his niece is charged with shoplifting.

MR. HINKS GOES TO TOWN - 5ABQ08 - 2000 - A criminal psychologist convinces Lindsay to defend a confessed serial killer whom she believes is innocent.

THE DEAL - 5ABQ09 - 2000 - A kidnapper seeks a plea arrangement guaranteeing a light sentence-whether or not his victim is found alive. Scott Wallace is fired from his job because of the bad publicity surrounding his murder trial. Hinks terrorizes Lindsay.

FRIENDS AND EX-LOVERS - 5ABQ10 - 2000 - An illegal drug manufacturer who wishes to cooperate with authorities claims his attorney is on the take. Berluti puts Bobby in a difficult position when he tells investigators that Wallace acted with premeditation when he killed his ex-boss. Lindsay is convinced that Hinks is stalking her.

AN EARLY FROST - 5ABQ11 - 2001 - Bobby questions Berluti on the witness stand during the Scott Wallace trial. Lindsay is certain that Hinks is responsible for a friend's death.

PAYBACK - 5ABQ12 - 2001 - Bobby is placed under arrest and charged with Hinks' murder. Rebecca represents a friend who wishes to sue the law firm where her attorney-husband worked after he commits suicide.

THE THIN LINE - 5ABQ13 - 2001 - The attorneys defend Bobby for his role in Hinks' murder. Lucy struggles with her emotions when she becomes a rape counselor.

DAY AFTER, THE - 5ABQ14 - 2001 - Rebecca's mother refuses to allow Rebecca to undergo a lifesaving blood transfusion because of her religious beliefs. Kevin Riley (from Boston Public) approaches Ellenor for help after he is fired from his job.

AWAKENINGS - 5ABQ15 - 2001 - A sperm donor sues for joint custody of Ellenor's baby. hospital workers are unable to account for Rebecca's whereabouts. Lucy meets with an eleven-year-old rape victim.

GIDEON'S CROSSOVER - 5ABQ16 - 2001 - Bobby defends a man accused of murdering-and having an affair with-his step-daughter. Ellenor seeks the advice of Dr. Ben Gideon (from Gideon's Crossing) after she experiences abdominal pains. Gamble asks an eleven-year-old rape victim to face the man who attacker her in court.

WHAT CHILD IS THIS? - 5ABQ17 - 2001 - Bobby plots to ambush Littlefield's wife on the witness stand. Ellenor goes into labor.

HOME OF THE BRAVE - 5ABQ19 - 2001 - Harland Bassett seeks Eugene's help in a case against a drug manufacturer. Lindsay represents a young man whom the government wants deported unless he cooperates with a murder investigation. A defense team attempts to show that Lucy convinced a young woman she was date raped.

THE CASE OF HARLAND BASSETT - 5ABQ20 - 2001 - Berluti and Eugene help hapless Harland Bassett in his long-shot suit against a pharmaceutical firm, on behalf of a teenage girl with severe liver damage.

POOR RICHARD'S ALMANAC - 5ABQ21 - 2001 - Bobby and Ellenor defend an accused murderer who they fear may try to have the prosecutor and star witness killed.


THE CANDIDATE - 6ABQ01 - 2001 - State Senator Keith Ellison calls his old friend Ellenor, when a man is killed in his home.

KILLING TIME - 6ABQ02 - 2001 - Eugene attempts to win the release of a man wrongly convicted of murder, a case Eugene lost years earlier. While working with an attorney famous for winning death penalty appeals, Rebecca discovers a shocking secret. The attorneys grapple with Marsha Ellison's confession.

VANISHED - 6ABQ04 - 2001 - Unable to pay his gambling debts, Berluti takes money from a company account and bets it on a horse. A couple tries to force the man they believe kidnapped, raped, and murdered their son twenty years ago to reveal the location of his body.

VANISHED, PART II - 6ABQ05 - 2001 - Alison Tucker and her son James come forward, suspecting that James may in fact be Chad Baldwin, the child apparently kidnapped by child molester John Pierce 18 years ago. Berluti tries to mend his relationship with Eugene.

HONOR CODE - 6ABQ06 - 2001 - Jimmy violates client confidentiality in order to save a boy's life. The firm erupts in turmoil after Eugene turns him in to the state bar for the violation.

SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN - 6ABQ07 - 2001 - Ellenor is outraged when Lowe uses dirty tactics in an effort to convict her teenage client of an apparent gang slaying. Lindsay tries to reunite a mentally disturbed, homeless client with his long-lost daughter.

DANGEROUS LIAISONS - 6ABQ08 - 2001 - Bobby defends a woman accused of murdering her former lover, but fears his growing attraction to the woman may render him incapable of effectively defending her. Lucy is assigned to counsel an 83-year-old rape victim, who claims to want an apology from her attacker.

INTER ARMA SILENT LEGES - 6ABQ09 - 2001 - Eugene makes race the issue in the case of a homeless man accused of murder. Rebecca runs into dead ends trying to represent a client being held by the government, in relation to a terrorist investigation.

EYEWITNESS - 6ABQ10 - 2002 - Berluti and Lindsay represent a client accused of murder, and try to force a reverend to reveal what he knows about the true killer. Ellenor discovers her reputation haunts her when she accuses a colleague of propositioning her.

TEST, THE - 6ABQ11 - 2002 - Intending to protect a client, Bobby accidentally tips off police that the client may have committed a murder. A man whom Lindsay defended years ago is proved innocent of the rapes for which he was convicted and has been serving time.

PRO SE - 6ABQ12 - 2002 - Ellenor represents a prisoner accused of murdering his cellmate. Bobby returns to work after being attacked by a client-and the firm is convinced he has come back too soon.

JUDGE KNOT - 6ABQ13 - 2002 - Bobby is pressured to participate in a sting operation in an effort to catch a crooked judge.

MAN AND SUPERMAN - 6ABQ14 - 2002 - Berluti tries to help an old friend who is now mentally ill, and believes he is Superman. Bobby and Lindsay argue over finding a new baby-sitter.

M. PREMIE UNPLUGGED - 6ABQ15 - 2002 - Eugene defends a man accused of nearly murdering his infant daughter. Ellenor finds herself opposing an attorney who previously sexually harassed her, then denied it.

MANIFEST NECESSITY - 6ABQ16 - 2002 - Gamble and Walsh prosecute a murder case, and find themselves pitted against each other. Lindsay represents a man whose deliberate efforts to be sentenced to prison go terribly wrong.

FIRE PROOF - 6ABQ17 - 2002 - Bobby and Berluti defend an old friend of Berluti's, who is charged with murder as a result of an arson fire. A high school computer wizard falls in love with Lucy.

THE RETURN OF JOEY HERIC - 6ABQ18 - 2002 - Joey Heric, now a lawyer, asks Bobby and Ellenor to help him defend a client in a murder case. Berluti gets a call from a prostitute who claims she was raped.

EAT AND RUN - 6ABQ19 - 2002 - The firm represents a man who insists he is Hannibal Lecter, and who is accused of killing and eating his victims. Lindsay and Bobby address the tension in their marriage.

EVIL-DOERS - 6ABQ20 - 2002 - Bobby and Lindsay try to have an insane killer, whom they fear is stalking Lindsay, committed. Berluti and Eugene represent an accused rapist.

THIS PUD'S FOR YOU - 6ABQ21 - 2002 - After Lindsay shoots O'Malley, she is arrested for murder. Rebecca represents a client whose supposed victim is revealed to be alive.

THE VERDICT - 6ABQ22 - 2002 - As the team prepares to defend Lindsay against a charge of murdering Lawrence O'Malley, it becomes clear that her fragile emotional state may be her undoing.


PRIVILEGE - 7ABQ01 - 2002 - The attorneys prepare for Lindsay's appeal after she's sentenced to life in prison; a new attorney, Jamie Stringer, is hired to work at the firm; Berluti is approached by a woman who kidnapped an infant from a hospital many years earlier.

CONVICTIONS - 7ABQ02 - 2002 - Rebecca appears before the Supreme Judicial Court to argue Lindsay's appeal; Berluti is guilt-stricken when Bernice White, the woman erroneously accused of kidnapping an infant sixteen years earlier, confesses to the crime.

OF THEE I SING - 7ABQ03 - 2002 - The attorneys are leaked a report withheld by the prosecution during Lindsay's trial; Jamie is humiliated when she defends a flasher.

THE CRADLE WILL ROCK - 7ABQ04 - 2002 - Bobby and Eugene defend a couple accused of killing their son by failing to procure medical treatment for him, which would have violated their religious beliefs. Lindsay returns to the office and decides to start her own practice.

THE TELLTALE NATION - 7ABQ06 - 2002 - A man sues a former friend for recommending he seek counseling with a priest…even though the priest was molesting him; Jaymie suspects that a woman who killed her ex-boyfriend in alleged self-defense is, in actuality, a serial-boyfriend-killer.

SMALL SACRIFICES - 7ABQ07 - 2002 - A judge forces Bobby and Berluti to defend a child molester; Ellenor represents an African-American clergyman whose religion requires the sacrifice of live animals.

BAD TO WORSE - 7ABQ08 - 2002 - Eugene and Ellenor grow increasingly frustrated with an airhead client accused of murdering her boyfriend; Lindsay is asked to represent an airline attempting to prohibit Arabs from flying on its planes.

THE GOOD FIGHT - 7ABQ09 - 2002 - When Bobby gives a dismal performance defending a man accused of killing an undercover police officer, a concerned Gamble approaches the judge in hopes of having Bobby replaced; Ellenor and Berluti trick Jamie into flirting with a judge when she defends a woman arrested for committing a seemingly minor offense.

SILENT PARTNERS - 7ABQ10 - 2002 - As Ellenor and Eugene defend a doctor accused of killing his paramour, Lindsay represents a confessed murderer who offers to reveal information vital to another case in exchange for not going to jail.

DOWN THE HATCH - 7ABQ11 - 2003 - The attorneys represent a family suing the bottling industry after their son dies of alcoholism; Ellenor convinces a woman on death row not to take her medication in an effort to spare her life on grounds of insanity.

FINAL JUDGMENT - 7ABQ12 - 2003 - In a highly unethical move, Bobby threatens to sue the Berrys if they refuse to accept the bottling industry's settlement figure; Ellenor attempts to keep the state from executing her mentally-ill client after she is given psychiatric medication.

CHARACTER EVIDENCE - 7ABQ13 - 2003 - Berluti helps a woman he's been attracted to for years after she hits a man with her car; Eugene represents a client whose wife discovered him wearing his secretary's bra; an attorney hopes Lindsay will assist with a lawsuit against a town for sponsoring soccer.

THE MAKING OF A TRIAL ATTORNEY - 7ABQ14 - 2003 - Bobby seeks financial compensation from the state when a DNA test overturns a client's murder conviction fifteen years later; Claire's projectile vomiting threatens to ruin her career as a lawyer; Lucy attempts to get out of serving jury duty.

CHOIR BOYS - 7ABQ15 - 2003 - A man accused of murdering three women threatens Gamble when she aggressively questions him and his mother on the witness stand; Lindsay and Claire find themselves clinging to attorney/client privilege when a murderer reveals the whereabouts of a young girl's body.

SPECIAL DELIVERIES - 7ABQ16 - 2003 - Gamble attempts to bypass the jury's "not guilty" ruling by having Russell Bakey civilly committed when he continues making threats; Lindsay and Bobby realize their relationship is falling apart; Deeks continues approaching Lindsay despite warnings not to.

BURNOUT - 7ABQ17 - 2003 - Ellenor believes an insanity plea is the best bet for a woman charged with killing her brother-in-law; Jamie has personal reasons for representing a rape victim.

CAPITOL CRIMES - 7ABQ18 - 2003 - The firm fights to prevent the government from seeking the death penalty in a murder case; Bobby is tempted to cheat when his ex-girlfriend gets involved in the case.

LES IS MORE - 7ABQ19 - 2003 - A woman with a mental disorder kidnaps CBS president Les Moonves and intends to shoot him with a cannon during her own reality TV show; Lindsay confronts Bobby about the kiss he shared with another woman.

HEROES AND VILLAINS - 7ABQ20 - 2003 - Jamie becomes a witness against an accused rapist whom Eugene is defending; Lindsay turns over privileged information when she suspects a client of murder.

BABY LOVE - 7ABQ21 - 2003 - Berluti represents a girl suing over an accident that left her in a wheelchair; Eugene and Jamie find themselves attracted to each other while defending a woman accused of murdering her husband; Lindsay decides she wants a divorce.

GOODBYE - 7ABQ22 - 2003 - Bobby informs his colleagues that he's quitting the firm; Berluti and Rebecca defend a man accused of murdering his brother's wife; things heat up between Eugene and Jamie.


WE THE PEOPLE - 8ABQ01 - 2003 - Eugene and Berluti defend a woman who was videotaped as she killed a drug dealer; Ellenor and Jamie defend a man accused of murdering his pregnant wife; newcomer Alan Shore, who embezzled money from a law firm, represents a down-and-out man who planted a kiss on a stranger.

THE CHOSEN - 8ABQ02 - 2003 - Jamie and Ellenor represent a man accused of killing his pregnant wife; Shore takes on the case of a fellow attorney who was fired because she insists she hears the voice of God.

BLESSED ARE THEY - 8ABQ04 - 2003 - Ellenor worries that Brad Stanfield may somehow get out of custody and harm her; Sheila and Shore are both assigned unusual pro bono cases, though Eugene suspects Sheila is incompetent; Eugene represents a man charged with murder.

THE HEAT OF PASSION - 8ABQ05 - 2003 - Eugene is assigned the case of a white supremacist accused of murder; Shore and Tara bond over Roland Huff's defense; Jamie misses a filing deadline.

RAPE SHIELD - 8ABQ07 - 2003 - Believing his client - who's been accused of sexual assault - is guilty, Berluti pays scant attention to the case; Jamie and Shore are busted for convincing a client that a case settled when it didn't.

CONCEALING EVIDENCE - 8ABQ08 - 2003 - Shore hacks into opposing counsel's computer to win a settlement for a client suing a drug manufacturer for causing her husband's suicide; Shore hides a murder weapon to protect a mentally unbalanced client accused of murder.

VICTIM'S RIGHTS - 8ABQ09 - 2003 - Shore represents a 12-year-old girl who seeks asylum in the U.S. rather than returning to her home in Romania, where she'll be forced to marry; Eugene tries to help a man who wants to make sure his wife's killer is brought to justice.

EQUAL JUSTICE - 8ABQ10 - 2003 - Shore defends a drug dealer accused of murder; and Eleanor supervises Tara through her first trial, representing a man claiming negligence due to an exploding toilet.

POLICE STATE - 8ABQ11 - 2004 - Police shoot a man suspected of killing a cop; the entire firm rallies to help the man, who is refused medical treatment while he is questioned, but the firm is outmaneuvered when the police use a coerced confession to railroad the innocent suspect.

AVENGING ANGELS - 8ABQ12 - 2004 - Berluti represents a man accused of attacking the suspect in his daughter's death, but the defendant insists on pleading guilty; and Shore takes undercover photos of a woman having an affair to blackmail her into accepting a small divorce settlement.

GOING HOME - 8ABQ13 - 2004 - Shore represents a childhood friend, Paul Stewart, who's accused of bludgeoning his mistress to death.

PRE-TRIAL BLUES - 8ABQ14 - 2004 - Shore continues defending his childhood friend Paul Stewart, who insists he did not kill his mistress, though he was seen leaving her home the night she was murdered.

MR. SHORE GOES TO TOWN - 8ABQ15 - 2004 - Shore's childhood friend, Paul Stewart, is accused of murdering his mistress, Brenda Wilbur; in defending him, Shore betrays another friend, and admits an old affair.

IN GOOD CONSCIENCE - 8ABQ16 - 2004 - Jamie and Ellenor represent a client who's suing for malpractice after his wife died during labor; and Eugene and Berluti secretly plan to fire Shore.

WAR OF THE ROSES - 8ABQ17 - 2004 - After he is fired, Shore breaks into the firm to steal records and provoke Eugene; Shore also hires an attorney, and sues the firm; and Ellenor represents a woman accused of assaulting a police officer, basing her defense on a freedom-of-speech argument.

THE CASE AGAINST ALAN SHORE - 8ABQ18 - 2004 - Ellenor reluctantly testifies as Shore's case for wrongful termination goes to trial; Shore and Tara get job offers from a new firm; and Jimmy reconsiders his entire life.

THE FIRM - 8ABQ19 - 2004 - Berluti quits the firm and starts his own practice; Denny Crane proves his competence by winning a large settlement; and Heather arranges a light sentence for a rapist.


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