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SONS OF TUCSON is a family comedy about three brothers who hire a charming, wayward schemer to stand in as their father when their real one goes to prison. What begins as a business relationship evolves into something more complex and compelling: a family like no other.

CAST: Tyler Labine, Frank Dolce, Matthew Levy, Benjamin Stockham




PILOT - 1ARK79 - 2010 - Brandon, Gary, and Robby (three young brothers) hire Ron Snuffkin (a charming, wayward schemer) to stand in as their father when their real one goes to prison; the boys soon find out that there’s more to their fake dad than meets the eye; for his part, Ron has to enroll them in school, convince Robby’s teacher to keep him in her class, sweet-talk the principal, locate mint-condition toy soldiers at his grandmother’s house… and avoid a thug who wants his money.

FAMILY ALBUM - 1ARK01 - 2010 - When Robby's teacher becomes suspicious of Ron's behavior, he invites her over for a family dinner, forcing Ron and the boys to create 15 years of photo history; and Brandon attempts to help Gary reinvent himself.

BREAK IN - 1ARK02 - 2010 - A string of local burglaries has the neighborhood and the Gundersons on edge, leaving Ron looking for a way to benefit from the situation; Ron convinces his buddy Glenn to pretend to rob the Gundersons so he can swoop in and save them… and hopefully move into the house.

KISS AND BEADS - 1ARK03 - 2010 - With both Robby and Gary suffering socially, Ron decides to throw dual parties for the boys; Ron’s secret motive is for Robby and his new friends to embrace arts and crafts, and make souvenirs that he can sell for profit; and in exchange for $500, he’s promised Gary that he’ll help him get a kiss from his school crush, Molly.

CHICKEN POX - 1ARK04 - 2010 - When the Gunderson boys get chicken pox, Ron cares for them until he develops symptoms of his own; and Brandon falls for a girl who is only into him because he's sick.

DOG DAYS OF TUCSON - 1ARK05 - 2010 - When Ron brings home a dog for the boys, they fall in love with him and name him Waffles; Ron soon discovers that Waffles is a wolf, forcing him and Gary to find the beloved family pet a new home.

GINA - 1ARK06 - 2010 - When Ron’s ex-girlfriend Gina pays him a visit at work, she confesses that she’s leaving her boyfriend, and needs his help moving out of their apartment; Ron sees this as his chance to win her back, and gets the Gunderson boys to help him out.

GLENN'S BIRTHDAY - 1ARK07 - 2010 - For Glenn’s birthday, Ron surprises him with tickets to the upcoming adult-film convention, but Ron forgets he is supposed to watch Robby that day, so they end up bringing him along; meanwhile, Gary and Brandon decide to start a band, but Gary’s micro-managing ways cause a rift, ultimately forcing him to quit.

SALLY TEEL - 1ARK08 - 2010 - When Robby is entered into a ballroom-dancing competition, Gary pushes him in order to meet his own failed dancing dreams, while Ron becomes a typical pageant-parent; meanwhile, Brandon gets a job working with Ron at Sport Space, and struggles to keep up with all the lies Ron has told their co-workers.

FATHER'S DAY - 1ARK09 - 2010 - When Ron overhears the boys talking about a Father's Day gift, he assumes it's for him, bends over backward to get the boys something special in return; and Mr. Gunderson plans to call the boys from prison, and the boys are nervous about what to say to him.

DEBATE TRIP - 1ARK10 - 2010 - When Ron chaperones Gary on an out-of-town debate tournament, Gary learns the hard way what his teammates really think of him; Angela volunteers to watch Brandon and Robby back at the house, and this ultimately leads to Brandon being homeless on the streets and Robby locking her in the shed.

GOLDEN TICKET - 1ARK11 - 2010 - Ron befriends a police officer in hopes of a golden ticket, essentially diplomatic immunity from minor infractions; the only catch is that Robby has to have the cop’s dorky son Gabe over for a slumber party to seal the deal; Robby and the boys are more interested in filming their own alien-attack movie than entertaining a daddy’s boy.

RON QUITS - 1ARK12 - 2010 - When Ron discovers that the boys have been hiding a lavish master suite from him while he’s been sleeping on a lumpy couch, he decides to quit; soon after, the boys discover that they’re out of money, and have to make some hard choices.


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