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A wealthy, multi-generational family in Orange County bonds together for survival after the patriarch is arrested and the family assets are frozen.

CAST: Jason Bateman, Portia De Rossi, Jeffrey Tambor, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, Jessica Walter, David Cross




PILOT - 1AJD79 - 2003 - Michael Bluth, a widower from Orange County, California, decides to take a job in Arizona after his father declines to promote him within the family business. When his father is arrested for shady bookkeeping, Michael reluctantly takes over the company to save his family from financial ruin.

TOP BANANA - 1AJD01 - 2003 - Michael attempts to gain control of the family business but his imprisoned father won’t let him, leading to the destruction of the banana stand... who’s to blame for setting it on fire?

BRINGING UP BUSTER - 1AJD02 - 2003 - Michael takes Buster under his wing after he moves out of Lucille’s penthouse, and fears he might be smothering his son with too much attention; and George-Michael has to kiss Maeby in a school play.

VISITING OURS - 1AJD03 - 2004 - Michael uses Gob to get information out of George Sr.'s secretary; Lindsay and Tobias hire a marriage counselor; and Lucille and George Sr. have a conjugal visit. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

KEY DECISIONS - 1AJD04 - 2003 - Michael falls in love with Gob’s girlfriend, Marta; as part of a publicity stunt, Gob tries to break out of the prison where his father is incarcerated; Lindsay bonds with an environmentalist sitting in a tree; and Buster gets a romantic note from Lucille’s rival.

CHARITY DRIVE - 1AJD05 - 2003 - Michael trades in his bicycle for his father’s car, and ends up giving a ride to a terrified stranger who mistakes Michael for a killer; Lindsay tries to prove how committed she is the environment by cleaning up some wetlands; Lucille schemes to upstage rival Lucille by having Buster bid on her during a bachelorette auction; and Gob has George-Michael stage a break-in at a permit office.

IN GOD WE TRUST - 1AJD06 - 2003 - The family’s attorney wants to arrange George Sr.’s release from prison for the Christmas holiday; Michael and Lindsay want to get rid of the family attorney by arranging a date between him and their manipulative mother; and George-Michael must wear an embarrassing codpiece in a pageant.

MY MOTHER, THE CAR - 1AJD07 - 2004 - Michael loses his memory after he and his mother have a car accident; Lindsay is disappointed when she visits her father in jail and none of the prisoners make catcalls; and George-Michael and Maeby want to see an R-rated movie about cousins in love.

STORMING THE CASTLE - 1AJD08 - 2004 - Michael decides to expose Marta to Gob’s womanizing by having her participate in a magic trick that involves one of Gob’s many girlfriends; Maeby goes on a leather-clothing shopping spree to spite her mother; and Lucille turns to George Sr. in an effort to break up Buster and Lucille Austero.

PIER PRESSURE - 1AJD09 - 2004 - Buster asks George-Michael to buy him some marijuana to treat Lucille Austero's vertigo; and with the help of some male strippers dressed as cops, Michael stages a phony bust to teach George-Michael a lesson about the dangers of drugs. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

PUBLIC RELATIONS - 1AJD10 - 2004 - When Michael has a difficult time getting his son admitted to a prestigious school, he hires an attractive publicist to change the family's less-than-stellar image. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

MARTA COMPLEX - 1AJD11 - 2004 - On Valentine’s Day... Gob thinks Marta is cheating on him; Buster moves out of his mother’s penthouse to be with Lucille 2; and George-Michael comes to believe Maeby might not be his cousin after all.

BEEF CONSOMME - 1AJD12 - 2004 - Michael tells Gob about his flirtation with Marta; George-Michael tries to determine if he and Maeby are related by blood; the family gathers to support George Sr. at a court hearing; and Lindsay tries to cure Tobias of his nude phobia.

SHOCK AND AWW - 1AJD13 - 2004 - Michael falls for George-Michael’s ethics teacher; Lucille ends up adopting a Korean child; and George Sr. receives a visit from one of his fans, not knowing she’s an undercover agent.

STAFF INFECTION - 1AJD14 - 2004 - Michael discovers that most of his family is on the Bluth Company payroll even though they don't work there; and Gob and Buster are hired to work at the construction site, where they end up playing a game of chicken with bulldozers. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

MISSING KITTY - 1AJD15 - 2004 - Michael disobeys his father and fires Kitty; Gob sets out to perform his ultimate magic trick: making a yacht disappear; and Tobias becomes a prison-gang leader after White Power Bill kills himself.

ALTAR EGOS - 1AJD16 - 2004 - Michael has a one-night-stand with a blind woman; Cindi tells George Sr. she’s in love with him; and George-Michael tutors Maeby.

JUSTICE IS BLIND - 1AJD17 - 2004 - While grappling with the dilemma of whether or not to open his father's case file, Michael discovers the truth about Maggie; George-Michael gets entangled in Maeby's scheme to abuse the legal system; and Tobias breaks into Maggie's house to steal evidence the government intends to use against George Sr. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

BEST MAN FOR THE GOB - 1AJD18 - 2004 - Gob throws a bachelor party to scare a Bluth Company accountant - who plans on testifying against George Sr. - into believing he killed a stripper; and Tobias reunites with Lindsay to perform in a band. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

WHISTLER'S MOTHER - 1AJD19 - 2004 - As his entire family targets some company funds that have recently become unfrozen, Michael purchases some land from his Uncle Oscar… only to realize it’s completely worthless.

NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER - 1AJD20 - 2004 - Police try to pin Kitty’s disappearance on Michael; Michael brings Maeby to work with him on “bring your daughter to work day;” Lindsay takes a job at a department store; Oscar accompanies Lucille to a soccer game; and Gob uses some mice to stage a diversion in his attempt to shoplift.

LET THEM EAT CAKE - 1AJD21 - 2004 - Michael discovers the secret behind his father's financial woes; and George Sr. suffers a heart attack. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese


ONE WHERE MICHAEL LEAVES, THE - 2AJD01 - 2004 - As the scandal linking the company to a business deal in Iraq becomes public, Michael thinks he may be facing prison time; Lindsay and Tobias try an “open relationship;” and Tobias wants to join the Blue Man Group.

ONE WHERE THEY BUILD A HOUSE, THE - 2AJD02 - 2004 - Michael tries to build a model home in only two weeks; and Lindsay gets a date with a transient, who turns out to be actor Tom Jane.

¡AMIGOS! - 2AJD03 - 2004 - Michael journeys to Mexico to hunt for his missing father; Lucille hires a private investigator; and Buster tries to desert the Army by fleeing the country… or so he thinks. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

GOOD GRIEF - 2AJD04 - 2004 - Michael and his family stage a wake for George Sr.; Gob wants to pull off a magic trick by being buried alive; and George-Michael and his girlfriend break up.

SAD SACK - 2AJD05 - 2004 - The government offers Michael immunity in exchange for his father's whereabouts after it links the Bluth Company to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; Lindsay takes an interest in a boy Maeby wants to date; and Buster is put on suspension after he's unable to complete the Army's training course. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

AFTERNOON DELIGHT - 2AJD06 - 2004 - Gob fires the Bluth Company’s entire staff during a Christmas party, forcing Michael to come up with a way to rehire them.

SWITCH HITTER - 2AJD07 - 2005 - Michael tells his father he’ll win an upcoming softball game pitting Bluth Company employees against a business rival; Lucille tries to keep Buster from getting transferred overseas; and Tobias and Maeby sneak into a movie studio.

QUEEN FOR A DAY - 2AJD08 - 2005 - The family loses control of the business after the company’s stock is unfrozen; Michael purchases an expensive car; and Tobias buys a club that caters to drag queens.

BURNING LOVE - 2AJD09 - 2004 - Michael attempts to woo Sitwell's daughter; Tobias hunts down a wolf to prove to Lindsay he's a man; George-Michael attends a Christian music bonfire; Gob falls for Lucille 2; and Lucille wants Michael to bid on her during an upcoming charity auction. Language(s): Brazilian Portuguese

READY, AIM, MARRY ME! - 2AJD10 - 2004 - As Valentine's Day approaches, Michael "pimps" Lindsay in an effort to save the family business from Lucille 2. Language(s): Brazilian Portuguese

OUT ON A LIMB - 2AJD11 - 2005 - Maeby try to push Ann away by introducing her to Lucille.

HAND TO GOD - 2AJD12 - 2004 - Michael wants to know who fathered Maggie's baby; and Gob tries to find the seal that bit off Buster's hand. Language(s): Brazilian Portuguese

MOTHERBOY XXX - 2AJD13 - 2004 - Michael tries to save his son after Lucille takes George-Michael to an embarrassing dance that promotes mother-and-son bonding; and Tobias gets an acting gig portraying George Sr.

IMMACULATE ELECTION, THE - 2AJD14 - 2005 - Gob helps George-Michael with his campaign for student-body president; Lucille discovers Buster having sex with her maid; and Tobias attempts to get closer to Maeby by impersonating a singing British nanny.

MEAT THE VEALS - 2AJD15 - 2004 - Michael hopes to foil George-Michael's plan to get pre-engaged by letting Ann's parents meet his family. Language(s): Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese

SPRING BREAKOUT - 2AJD16 - 2005 - Kitty kidnaps George Sr. and threatens to bring down the Bluth Company; Michael tries to get his mother into rehab; and Lindsay confronts the maker of a Spring Break video.

SWORD OF DESTINY - 2AJD17 - 2005 - Michael is forced to give up control of the company after being admitted to the hospital; Gob and Buster perform a new magic trick using an extremely sharp Chinese sword; and George-Michael learns to drive.

RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS, THE - 2AJD18 - 2005 - Michael gets arrested after a traffic camera photographs him and George Sr. riding in a car together; Tobias wants to run off to Vegas with Kitty; and George-Michael and Ann protest a movie about cousins in love.


CABIN SHOW, THE - 3AJD01 - 2005 - Michael heads to Reno to find his father; Lindsay decides she wants Tobias back, but only if she can’t have him; and George-Michael and Maeby want to finish the kiss they started.

BRITISH BOMBSHELL, THE - 3AJD02 - 2005 - Michael falls in love with a beautiful British woman while investigating his father’s claim that he was a patsy set up by a British construction firm; and Gob plans to impress his father with an elaborate magic trick.

FORGET-ME-NOW - 3AJD03 - 2005 - Michael tells Rita his family doesn't exist; Lucille decides to throw a lavish party; and George Sr. tries to escape from house arrest by floating away on balloons.

NOTAPUSY - 3AJD04 - 2005 - Michael and Steve Holt participate in a father-son triathlon; Maeby tries to prove that pageants are only about physical beauty; and George Sr. mistakenly lectures a group of young gay men about life in prison.

MR. F - 3AJD05 - 2005 - Trevor tells Rita that Michael must be eliminated; the family tries to trick some Japanese investors by building a miniature village; and George-Michael mistakes a jet pack as a gift from his father.

OCEAN WALKER, THE - 3AJD06 - 2005 - Complications ensue when Michael decides to marry Rita, unaware that she’s mentally challenged and incredibly rich.

MAKING A STAND - 3AJD07 - 2005 - Michael and Gob team up to teach their father a lesson; Lucille undergoes plastic surgery; and Lindsay sues for divorce.

PRISON BREAK IN - 3AJD08 - 2005 - Michael thinks a prison warden is trying to seduce his mother; and Gob produces a video for a foundation dinner so Tobias can keep his hair transplant.

S.O.B.S. - 3AJD09 - 2006 - The family hosts a dinner to raise money for its legal fund; Lindsay decides to cook; George-Michael attends an exclusive private school; and Gob gets a job as a waiter.

FAKIN' IT - 3AJD10 - 2006 - Michael represents his family during a mock trial; Buster pretends he's comatose so he won't have to testify; Lindsay fights for Buster's right to die; and George-Michael and Maeby get married.

FAMILY TIES - 3AJD11 - 2006 - Michael tracks down a woman who may or may not be his sister; and Tobias and Lindsay make a date, separately, with the same gym trainer.

EXIT STRATEGY - 3AJD12 - 2006 - Michael and Buster travel to Iraq after Gob is imprisoned by American forces; George-Michael throws Maeby a surprise birthday party; and a prosecutor tricks Tobias into making a scrapbook and filling it with family secrets.

DEVELOPMENT ARRESTED - 3AJD13 - 2006 - Michael tries to keep family members from selling their shares of company stock; Lindsay discovers a shocking secret; and George-Michael tells his father about his attraction to Maeby.


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